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Tanner’s Top 25 Favorite Movies of All Time (25-13)

Considering that two weeks from now is going to be my two year anniversary, I feel it is time to answer a question that I get asked a lot, what are my favorite movies? This site may tackle video games, anime, various references in pop culture, and so forth… But above all else this site is about movie reviews. The entire reason I started this site to begin with was to become a respected movie critic and I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal. After two years of reviewing and writing I have decided that it is time to release my Top 25 All Time Favorite Movies!

Now due to the sheer amount of typing I am going to be doing, I have decided to split this list into two different articles. One today and the second later in the week. This is the list that includes my honorable mentions as well as numbers 25 through 13. I want everyone to keep in mind that this list is to commemorate my 25 favorite movies of all time. This has nothing to do with the greatness of these movies or their place in history. This is just merely a list of the 25 movie that I enjoy watching the most. If you disagree… Well I’m sorry, but this is a list of my favorites so screw you. With that being said, let’s start with some honorable mentions and then on to 25. Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 25 Favorite Movies of All Time (25-13)”

Tanner Reviews The Devil’s Carnival

Devilscarnival033012Once more we return to another movie from the shared minds of former Saw Franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich with their 2012 musical short, The Devil’s Carnival. I have to say, considering that Saw is in this critics opinion, one of the best horror franchises to come out in recent history and with Repo: The Genetic Opera being one of my favorite movies of all time, Bousman is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. His dark gothic aesthetic and inspirational writing have made him the shining ray of light in the genre plagued with predictable slasher flicks, creature features, and anything that Rob Zombie ever shat out onto a movie screen. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Devil’s Carnival”

Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera

RepoGeneticOperaOfficialPosterNothing makes you feel more classy and sophisticated than watching an opera. There is just something about the word alone that makes you want to dawn your finest threads, put on a top hat, a monacle, and shove your nose so far in the air you could practically collect rain water in your nostrils. A story told completely through song that is the definition of class!… Even if that film is under the direction of the guy behind three of the four films from the Saw series in Darren Lynn Bousman and the brain child of career weird guy Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. Repo: The Genetic Opera is a gothic teenager’s wet dream wrapped up in one gritty musically astonishing bow. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Repo: The Genetic Opera”