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Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games

260px-resident_evil_3_coverAh Spring Break can be a wonderful thing. Gives me a chance to rest and relax from my busy schedule. However it doesn’t exactly make a rich and interesting critical environment for my website. So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, what is something I haven’t done in a while for the site to put up while on Spring Break? Then it came to me! I have not talked about my former favorite video game franchise in quite a long time. My¬†Resident Evil Retrospective¬†was one of my first major projects that I ever did for this site. It was apart of my original reviews back in 2013 and through it I covered all of the video games in the franchise as of today. But after covering 17 different reviews on the subject, I realize I never counted down the top games. So seeing as how March is my yearly anniversary and I need something to cover for today, why not discuss the franchise once again? This is The Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games!

Keep in mind this is my personal list based on my experience and reviews of the games. If you disagree with this list, please leave a comment and I would love to have a friendly debate. Continue reading “Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE: Code Veronica

RECV_boxartAnd we are back to the main story after deviating from the path with Survivor we return to one of our favorite characters from RE 2 Claire Redfield and her hunt to find her brother Chris. After this one folks be prepared because we will not be touching the main story for a LONG TIME. Resident Evil: Code Veronica is probably the most bizarre game in the main story line, one of the more forgotten, the only game in the main series to not be numbered, and one of the more underrated games of its time. I mean don’t get me wrong this thing was praised up and down upon its release but nowadays when you get any number of RE fans into a room to talk about there favorite games this one never gets pulled up and it really is a shame that it doesn’t because this game is a shit load of fun. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE: Code Veronica”