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Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games

260px-resident_evil_3_coverAh Spring Break can be a wonderful thing. Gives me a chance to rest and relax from my busy schedule. However it doesn’t exactly make a rich and interesting critical environment for my website. So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, what is something I haven’t done in a while for the site to put up while on Spring Break? Then it came to me! I have not talked about my former favorite video game franchise in quite a long time. My Resident Evil Retrospective was one of my first major projects that I ever did for this site. It was apart of my original reviews back in 2013 and through it I covered all of the video games in the franchise as of today. But after covering 17 different reviews on the subject, I realize I never counted down the top games. So seeing as how March is my yearly anniversary and I need something to cover for today, why not discuss the franchise once again? This is The Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games!

Keep in mind this is my personal list based on my experience and reviews of the games. If you disagree with this list, please leave a comment and I would love to have a friendly debate. Continue reading “Top 5 Resident Evil Video Games”

Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration

BioDPosterA long time ago, back when the concept of this site was in the works; I created a video where I reviewed Resident Evil Degeneration. Now, I think I deleted it from YouTube… But if I did not and you happen to stumble across it, I implore you to please turn down your volume before you push play. I apparently forgot that I could project my voice in that video and I spend the vast majority of the fifteen minutes screaming at the camera lens like a deranged lunatic. But either way I thought I would give it another go in a much more… sane attempt to review the movie. So… On to Resident Evil Degeneration.

I have come to the conclusion that as long as this site exists, Resident Evil is just going to be a thing that appears from time to time. I covered the retrospective of all of the games. But there are still just so many more things to look at, that horrendously bad movie franchise by Paul WS Anderson that is the bane of my existence. The new animated movie franchise that includes this film and the latest release Resident Evil Damnation which we will get to at a later date. We also cannot forget the gaming franchise is still going… All be it in dire straits. So yeah… Resident Evil is something that just isn’t going to go away as far as this site is concerned.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Degeneration”

Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Horror/Scary Video Gaming

To celebrate Halloween, Brandon and I talk about horror themed video games and what is it about them that makes them terrifying… Also I talk about Resident Evil again because apparently I cannot escape the franchise anymore.

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Tanner’s Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time

So the 100th review is finished and I am now over the hump. But before we get back to the normalcy I want to finish this whole event of my website with another list about my past and what made me the man I am today. This time I want to talk about my favorite video games of all time. Needless to say this is a pretty big part in my life and considering that this is a Top 20 list, I do not want to get too much into explanation or this post will become far too long and bloated than I would like. What I will say is this… My choices for my favorite video games might seem a bit odd and a lot will be unexpected but it goes without saying, without these 20 games I would not be the same person! So let’s get started with a few honorable mentions! Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time”

Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Apocalypse

220px-Resident_evil_apocalypse_posterGuess what happens in seven days? I will be publishing my 100th review! WOOT! Yes, this Sunday I will be posting my 100th review and in honor of this I am dedicating this next week to my extreme self-interest! The next episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth will be released Friday and will be a Vlog of myself and Brandon talking about video game guilty pleasures. On Saturday I will be reviewing one of the most anticipated games of the year, Grand Theft Auto V, and at the end I will be releasing my 100th review on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. But that you will have to return Sunday to see. So yeah, a very exciting week for Tanner Reviews… And starting off the festivities, I thought it would be high time that I reviewed my most hated film of all time! Oh yes, out of all the films that have ever existed, nothing angers me more than this one. The crown jewel of this nerd’s nerd rage, Paul WS Anderson’s feces covered abomination, Resident Evil Apocalypse.  Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Resident Evil Apocalypse”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective Finale: RE Revelations

250px-RERevelationslogonewAs we come to the end of this road and the last of my Resident Evil retrospective is written, we find ourselves in dire straits. The Resident Evil franchise started out as a juggernaut of video gaming. It and Silent Hill shared the honor of being the two games that jumped into people’s minds when it came to the Survival Horror Genre. It had some bad moments, but really that could be said about the majority of franchises with multiple games in their libraries (yes exceptions do exist, I’m well aware). But man… This franchise hit the top with Resident Evil 4 and have been on a downward spiral ever since. Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and Resident Evil 6 have turned the once great franchise into little more than an action packed joke to the world. The franchise that we knew is all but gone and we are left with the tragic aftermath… BUT WAIT! Even in the darkness that we RE fans find ourselves in, there is a shimmer of light in the distance. Granted it is a pretty dull shimmer, but it is light none the less and at this point I think we will take whatever we can get. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective Finale: RE Revelations”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 6

Resident_Evil_6_box_artworkOh how the mighty have fallen… Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may piss me off in new and spectacular ways… But Resident Evil 6 hits me in one of the worst places imaginable, right in the childhood. I have made no attempt to hide the fact that Resident Evil is one of my favorite gaming franchises of all time and THE game that inspired me to really get into gaming as much more than just a passing hobby. It is the whole reason I did the retrospective in the first place. Just so I could really talk about a game that has had such an impact on me as a gamer and me as a person. It breaks my heart to know this game exists. It breaks my heart on a very personal level to see my childhood have such a nasty fall from grace and into the dire straits the franchise finds itself today. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 6”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Operation Raccoon City

OperationRaccoonCityGod damn it! This game is the game, THE GAME in the RE franchise that just finds new and spectacular ways to piss me off! I didn’t think you could get much worse than Resident Evil Survivor and really on a game stand point, this one isn’t. But at least after playing Survivor, i didn’t have a screaming urge to write CAPCOM and say ‘What the hell are you doing to my franchise?!” Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may not be the worst game in the Resident Evil franchise, but it is very close. Released in 2012, Operation Raccoon City was supposed to be the ultimate multiplayer RE experience as it took a handful of ‘unique’ playable characters and placed them in Raccoon City during the 1998 outbreak along with a pretty enjoyable single player mode that was supposed to expand further upon the universe. Although I do not see why Raccoon City’s story needs to be expanded any further. I think we pretty much got everything we needed to know from that. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Operation Raccoon City”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 5

Resident_Evil_5_Box_ArtworkUp until this point, CAPCOM’s Resident Evil was a pretty powerful franchise. The main series was solid with only a few real hiccups that came from their spin offs games like the Gun Survivor Series, Gaiden, and so forth… But then Resident Evil 4 happened and it changed everything! It changed the way that Resident Evil was seen, how it was played, the mechanics, the look, the feel. Resident Evil 4 may have been one of the greatest video games of all time, but that game would mark a pretty nasty downward spiral that the franchise finds itself in today and it all started with patient zero, the first decently received game in the main story line of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE 5”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Umbrella Chronicles

Resident_evil_the_umbrella_chronicles_uscoverAfter the abyssmal disaster that was the Gun Survivor Series, I am quite amazed that CAPCOM was willing to try a second rail shooter for the Resident Evil Universe. I thought they were just going to let it be and let the poor games they did release under the RE name slip into the realms of obscurity where they belong. But no they decided to give it another shot. But this time, they took it in a different and much more well received approach. The Chronicle Series of Resident Evil is the Gun Survivor Series done correct.

Sadly this review is going to be short and filled with generalities… Because I am sad to say that I have only been able to play this game once. Keeping with RE’s deal with Nintendo, Umbrella Chronicles was a Nintendo Wii exclusive and I sadly do not own a Nintendo Wii. I was able to play the game, the same as I did with REmake by playing it at a friends house upon its release and haven’t played it since. I am well aware that the game was released for the PS3 but I have yet to find a copy so with great regret I am writing this review out of memory and a handful of playthroughs I watched on YouTube. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Umbrella Chronicles”