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100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time: 10-1

It is finally done. What was supposed to be a few weeks turned into the better part of a year. But we have reached the final 10, the creme-della-creme. The best that ever was in professional wrestling. Believe me this list was not taken lightly. Each of the top ten have switched spots more than once. But at the end of the day this is the final lock. These are the ten wrestlers who honestly represent the best and the brightest. To see the rest of the list, please follow the links below.

Honorable Mentions
20-11 Continue reading “100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time: 10-1”

Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches

So… I’m drawing a blank today. I’m back in school, 2015 is over, I haven’t had a chance to go see any movies, an apparent blizzard is sweeping through the northeast, bread stock is at an all time high, and I am left with absolutely nothing to review today… Son of a bitch. Well… The Royal Rumble in WWE is this Sunday… And I do enjoy making a list… Let’s rank the best Royal Rumble matches for the pure sake of fucking doing it. Try to keep in mind while I am making this list that I am reviewing the matches, not the events themselves. Continue reading “Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches”

Top Ten Worst Intercontinental Champions

WWE_Intercontinental_Championship_2014So we continue our special with one of the most loved championships in professional wrestling history. If ever there was a belt that was synonymous with the term ‘secondary singles championship’, it would be the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Often imitated, but rarely duplicated, the WWE Intercontinental Championship is the belt that every other secondary championship aspires to be… Granted in the past couple of years, it has been a title synonymous with wrestlers forced to┬ájob out to other people, the the legacy it holds still stands…. Even in if the ROH Television Championship is starting to surpass it thanks to Jay Lethal… and the IWGP Intercontinental Championship… REGARDLESS! This belt has an amazing legacy to it and we are going to look at the best and worst that this championship has to offer.

Due to the fact that this will be a Top Ten list, I will be separating the Best Intercontinental Champions with the Worst Intercontinental Champions. Today, we will be looking at the ones who just didn’t quite have the most ‘illustrious’ of reigns. This is the Top Ten Worst WWE Intercontinental Champions of All Time. Continue reading “Top Ten Worst Intercontinental Champions”