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Tanner At the Movies: Alien: Covenant

Crit or Miss: Leading Edge’s Aliens

Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation

Alien_IsolationSo here we go again. It has been a little over a year since I had the foul taste of my favorite movie being ruined for me in my mouth by Gearbox when they released the much hyped and horrifyingly executed disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now, here we are again with Sega taking a crack at one of my favorite franchises, this time aiming for the tight paranoid horror of the first film instead of the shoot ’em up action of the second film in Alien: Isolation. While I am not exactly one who is going to shower this video game in praise like some other critics out there, I will say that with the bar set as low as it was from Colonial Marines, this thing had to have been absolutely unplayable for it to fail in my eyes so take that for what you will. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation”

Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors

Just like in the real world, there is always that one job that we are not proud of or will want to keep off of our resumes. It is a sad fact of life, sometimes you need money, sometimes you think it is a good idea that turns into a horrific mistake, and sometimes you just do not care. Even in Hollywood, the best in the business are not free from churning out mind numbing schlock. This may be for any number of reasons like the ones listed above, but make no mistake… Just about everyone had done something they are not proud of and Hollywood’s best directors are no exception to this. So today I want to bring these illustrious directors into the infamous spotlight, by showcasing the Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors! Continue reading “Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors”

Tanner’s Top 5 Favorite Directors of All Time

Well hasn’t this been a hectic weekend. I am getting my stuff packed up and ready to move to Ohio. So I have not been able to make it to the theaters to see any of the new releases. I did have a new project lined up and ready to post onto the website. But then WordPress kept rejecting the file and loading it onto YouTube is a super slow-mo process while using my former internet service… So I’ve been kind of left in the dust here.

So… With no video games to play or movies to watch within the short time span of Sunday that I have left, I have decided to answer a question that I have received quite a bit since I started reviewing. While many critics that I know have received questions such as ‘who is your favorite actor’ or ‘what is your favorite movie’? The one that I get a lot of is ‘Who is your favorite director?’ And BOY is that a loaded question. At least whenever it comes to your favorite movie, you can kind of pick a few off the top of your head that really stick out as things you could watch over and over again. But to pick a favorite director is a pretty daunting task. You have to not only enjoy one movie, but a multitude of movies all released by the same director. At least for someone like me, I have to do some studying before I can just name my favorite director off the top of my head. Which luckily I prepared for this day. While this is not exactly the time that I was intending on releasing this list, moving it up isn’t the worst thing in the world. Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 5 Favorite Directors of All Time”