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Worst World Tag Team Champions of All Time (WWE)

TagTeamChampionshipSo we continue this little special by separating the best and worst World Tag Team Champions into two different reviews. You see, due to the World Tag Team Championship’s distinguished career we needed to do a Top Ten Best and a Top Ten Worst. If I were to do both in one writing, the post would be huge, and that is something that I do not want. So we will start with the worst first and then move on to the best before moving on to the last title of defunct titles, the WWE Women’s Championship.

Keep in mind this list is my own personal opinion based on information that I gathered on the internet as well as my own assessment of the wrestlers and their time with the title. This list also does not reflect the overall success or talent of the wrestling team in question. Just their reign as the World Tag Team Champions. With that being said, let’s get started with the infamous list. Continue reading “Worst World Tag Team Champions of All Time (WWE)”