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Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

So… Seeing as how I just discussed Batman vs. Superman in a way that has given me massive attention, for both agreement and anger, I decided that what could be better than to keep this superhero train a chugging and rank all of the Batman movies from worst to best! Now, before I get into the list, I will say right now that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be on this list for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I always dislike the idea of including something that “just happened” on to a list like this for shock value. Especially since it hasn’t had time to sit and stew like the other movies have. Second, the movie is technically still a Superman movie and featured in the Superman canon, with Batman joining in the fray. So with that being said, let’s look at these eight gems. Continue reading “Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best”

The Reasons Why The How I Met Your Mother Finale Sucks!

HowimetyourmotherIt has been the talk of the internet for the past week, the long running and much beloved television sitcom How I Met Your Mother has finally come to an end. After years of Saget monologues, relationship humor, countless memes, and running jokes the legen- wait for it… DARY show has run its last episode and my oh my what an episode it was. The internet has been a buzz proudly proclaiming that the finale… Sucked out loud. There have been some willing to defend the end of the long running sitcom, but for the most part the How I Met Your Mother finale has either been met with overwhelming disappointment or outright disdain. Where do I fall in this category? Well if you read the title of the article then you can take a few guesses as to what stance I am taking with the show’s end. I am a huge fan of the series, in my opinion it is a very fun and enjoyable sitcom that was a shining ray of light in the post Friends and Seinfeld era. It does follow the classic sit com formula. But it has a certain type of charisma and charm to it that sets it apart from the pack. The ending, in my opinion was absolutely horrendous and did not do a series as influential as How I Met Your Mother the justice it deserves. So seeing as how I run a website dedicated to tearing the art of moving pictures a pretty new asshole, I give to you the Reasons Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale Sucks!

NOTE: From this point on I will be giving copious amounts of spoilers. So in other words, do not read this list until you see the episode. You’ve been warned. Continue reading “The Reasons Why The How I Met Your Mother Finale Sucks!”

Tanner Reviews Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman_under_the_red_hood_posterIf there is any genre that defines the term ‘hit and miss’ it is Animated Superhero… Well anything. Some of them are well done, well crafted, and works of genius that do not get the recognition that they deserve… And others thankfully stay in the realm of obscurity only to be picked up by a die-hard fan of that particular superhero or a child who wants to watch cool things happen for 25-75 minutes. It is a little frighting at times to watch a movie like this because you really do not know what you are going to get. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Batman: Under the Red Hood”