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Tanner Reviews Deadpool

Deadpool_posterWonderful! Just wonderful! First, I had to say that I liked a Channing Tatum movie after I realized that the man had a sense of humor and was able to hone his craft over time. Then I had to say that I now like a JJ Abrams movie after he was able to save the franchise from the dregs that George Lucas dragged it down to. NOW! I have to say that there is a Ryan Reynolds movie that I actually like! Dammit! When will it end? Soon I will be praising Damon Wayons and Melissa McCarthy as high brow humor. Son of a bitch… I knew this was coming for a long time. Everything about the Deadpool trailers said that the movie was going to be good and that it was going to be a true representation of the superhero… And it was… And the movie is good… Sigh…

Do you really need a plot synopsis? Come on! It is Deadpool! You know what is going on! Deadpool shows up, 4th Walls gets annihilated, people die, and there is a lot of references to beat the shit out of the Green Lantern! Okay… okay… So there is a plot… There is a really good plot actually. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was just another guy. He was a former special forces soldier who now made his money working as a bounty hunter, roughing up various people in order to make ends meet. One day, he meets a woman named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and everything seems to be going for him… Right up until the point where he gets cancer. After that, Wilson signs up for an experimental treatment that turns out to be a front to sell super soldiers to the highest bidder. Wade’s cancer mutates to the point that his body is made of nothing but cancer cells and makes him impervious to death. Deadpool swears revenge against the people who turned him into the man he has become and reunite with his love, Vanessa. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Deadpool”

Cheesy Romance Month: Adventureland

215px-AdventurelandposterWe continue Cheesy Romance Month with one of the movies that I point to as evidence that not only can Kristen Stewart act, but she can be a damn good actor when put in the right role. Adventureland was a 2009 movie when the combination of Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Cera, Ellen Page, and Emma Stone ruled the world especially when it came to coming of age romantic comedies. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Zombieland, Easy A, and the movie that started it all Juno are just a handful of examples of the movies that these four starred in and Adventureland falls right in there with the rest of them. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg as well as Kristen Steward with a couple of surprise appearances here and there and is one of the better movies of the pack of awkward young adult rom coms and yet surprisingly is one of the most forgotten. The reasons for that we will delve into later in the review. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: Adventureland”