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Tanner’s Yearly 4 Mini Reviews (Hot Tub Time Machine 2, San Andreas, The Order 1886, and Insurgent)

Tis the season ladies and gentlemen! It is that magical time of the year again when the northern hemisphere gets colder and we start winding down the year of 2015. For me and this website, this is always a time for catch up. I watch a lot of movies and I play a lot of games and sometimes the reviews for them slip through the cracks and by the time I want to release them, it would seem that their zeitgeist has past and have already slipped out of the public’s consciousness. So, this is typically the time when I release a clutch of three to four mini reviews to get the information out onto the website since I missed them the first time around. It is a time to look back at 2o15 and the movies and video games that were created with a longing in my heart… Or a sharp pain dependent upon the subject. Either way, this is my yearly 4 Mini Reviews of 2015! Continue reading “Tanner’s Yearly 4 Mini Reviews (Hot Tub Time Machine 2, San Andreas, The Order 1886, and Insurgent)”

Tanner Reviews San Andreas

San_Andreas_posterAlright, I tried to review this during the summer and it didn’t work out so hot. That is what I get for my schedule, even in the summer, being shit. But now I can give it the critical review that it deserves! I can’t say that I am at all surprised by what I saw. It isn’t so much a bad thing as it is an expected thing. San Andreas is one of those movies that was tailor made for the summer blockbuster. It is a flashy, high action disaster movie that is intended to give you that sweet sensation of adrenaline before you go on with your day. While it may not have a sustained longevity in our memories, San Andreas is still solid on its own merit.

Ray J Gaines (Dewayne Johnson) is a rescue technician and helicopter pilot who is currently in the midst of a divorce with his wife Emma (Carla Gugino). One day Emma, her and Ray J’s daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) and her new boyfriend, Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffard) take a trip to San Francisco on the day that the San Andreas Fault begins to shift, creating a 9.1 Earthquake that begins to tear the state of California a new asshole.

In the chaos, Emma is able to call on her dad who quickly jumps to the rescue in amazing vehicle stealing action as he tries to find his way into San Francisco to save his wife and daughter from the collapsing city. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews San Andreas”

Tanner Reviews Grand Theft Auto V

Grand_Theft_Auto_VAnd here we go again. What a year it has been for video gaming. First Bioshock Infinite, then The Last of Us, and now we have the latest from Rockstar North Grand Theft Auto V. I’m not really sure how to start this review. I think the best way I can start this is by talking about the problems I have with video game critic circles in general. I suppose this can be caused by the fact that video game journalists and professional criticism is a relatively new thing and by that I mean the last 20 or so years. But sadly with their young age, a decent amount of critics either A) are still ‘young’ and naive enough to be blissfully unaware of publishers and developers exploiting them by showering them in lavish gifts and deals in exchange for good reviews. (Look at Doritogate for proof positive of this) or B) Are still in this strange phase where any big name title that is released is automatically showered with praise and perfect scores as far as the eye can see. Now I’m not saying I’m completely innocent of this. Many could argue that I have done the same with a few of my reviews in the past so please do not think for a second that I am standing on top of my pedestal and looking down at everyone else. I’m in the crowd with everyone else. Just trying to bring about a point here. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Grand Theft Auto V”