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Crit or Miss Special: Where is the Sci-Fi Equal to D&D?

Tanner Reviews Circle

downloadFINALLY! I see something that is worth watching! After scowering the pages of Netflix looking for something worthwhile to watch, I came across an interesting little Indie film called Circle. A fascinating movie that delves into the realms of Twilight Zone science fiction horror as well as a genuine psychological experiment about the horrors of the human condition and what we, as a society, hold dear. I have to say that I am so happy that I stumbled upon this movie, it is quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine.

The story opens with 50 people wake up in a  black room, standing in red circles, and surrounding a gigantic black orb. They quickly learn that if they step out of the red circle, they are killed by the black orb. Every two minutes someone is killed, seemingly by random chance. After several deaths, they learn that they have the power to vote for the people who are going to die. As people begin dying every two minutes, either by random or by chance, the people in the room must decide who dies, what they are doing there, and if there is anyway for them to make it out of their situation alive. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Circle”

Tanner Reviews Invisible Inc.

headerWell wasn’t this a pleasant surprise? I certainly did not think I would be diving into the realms of Cyberpunk in the near future and yet here I am, about to look at an Isometric stealth game that seems strangely ubiquitous for the Cyberpunk genre, Invisible, Inc. This new game that comes to us from Klei Entertainment (the guys who brought us Torchlight II & Don’t Starve) may look like a standard Shadowrun clone, but in all truth and honesty, there is a strange level of character that this game has that I say, may even put it a step past the current Cyberpunk front runner.

In the distant and bleak future of 2074, the megacorporations have taken over the earth as per the standard Cyberpunk cocktail along with neon signs and a guy named Decker. Invisible, Inc. is a private intel agency that collects data for other corporations, which is a refreshing change of pace, considering they are working for the man to fight the man, instead of just fighting the man, but I digress.

From the start of the game, Invisible, Inc. is raided by a corporations and out of the entire agency, only two agents, you the player, and the agency’s leader escape along with the computer AI that needs to be in a mega computer in order to run properly. You than take on the roll as the guy in movies that sits comfortably in a room instead of fighting baddies as you command the agents to do various missions of your choosing like rescuing comrades, stealing supplies, and so forth. The goal of the game is to reach the end and save Incognita so that the firm may live to see another day. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Invisible Inc.”

Tanner Reviews Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

FC3_Blood_Dragon_CoverAnyone who has been following me since I started this site knows that I do not have positive things to say about the video game Far Cry 3 (I HATE IT). If you would want to read my review, you can do so by clicking on the link here. So when I heard that Far Cry 3 had an awesome DLC called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I did not even think of giving it a shot. First off, I do not review DLCs and second, more importantly, why would I want to play a DLC of a game I do not like. All it will do is add some more maps or at best decent side plot like they did in Skyrim. Then… I saw trailers for the game… And I just had to play it… Jesus Christ! This is a game that I have been missing in my life!!! This game is amazing! Why couldn’t this game be the main game?! A game set in the ‘distant future’ of 2007 with all the cheese and glory that only science fiction action 1980’s glory can bring us, this game is a blast to the past.

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Tanner Reviews Event Horizon

Event_horizon_ver1Happy Halloween ladies and gentlemen! On this lovely day of Samhain, I was hoping to have another episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth for you… But tragically both Brandon and I find ourselves with our plates full. As fall comes to a close, my co host is working tirelessly on competition and Friday Night Performances that his schedule is pretty well tied up until we enter the winter months. As for me, well I am preparing myself for a trip to Bowling Green State University next weekend for their annual Humans vs. Zombies Invitational which everyone who can attend should attend and have some other projects that have filled up my time. So sadly no video this week. But fear not! We will be recording this weekend and we will have a new episode up next Thursday. But for now I have decided to honor the ‘horror’ elements of this Holiday and review a horror film from the 1990’s and wouldn’t you know it a film by the man behind the Resident Evil film franchise, Paul WS Anderson. For those of you who do not know how I feel about that particular franchise you can read it all here and understand that when I say I am not a fan of Anderson’s, that is an understatement. But does that necessarily discredit ever movie that the man has directed? Well… no… Well okay out of all of his movies there is one that I can find passable… And it just so happens to be the one that we are reviewing today. I’ll freely admit that I do like this movie and find it to be pretty enjoyable all things considered. Though granted whenever I say that this film is the best film in Anderson’s oeuvre is by no means a compliment.

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Tanner Reviews Pitch Black

Pitch_Black_posterAs a rule of thumb I tend to stay away from the SyFy channel. In my younger adolescents it was one of my most watched channels as I did have a brief phase (as most people do) with the whole CGI exploitation ‘creature feature’ that the channel is well-known for spewing out over the years. I think everyone goes through that Saturday afternoon creature feature at some point. The only caveat is that some people don’t grow out of the habit. But if that is what you are into who am I to judge?… Oh yeah that is all that I do. How silly of me. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Pitch Black”