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Tanner Reviews Python

230px-PythoncoverBoy I am running out of ideas aren’t I. Considering the fact that I am dirt poor at the moment and coming off of a Mountain bender, I feel the need to cleanse and talk about something that I actually like. Oh yes, I actually quite enjoy some straightforward CGI exploitation, SyFy Channel Original movie from time to time (back in the days when it was called SciFi and had a little more personality than today which is the equivalent of a wet hat). Now I could talk about Sharknado, but honestly what can I say about it that everyone else hasn’t already said about it besides it was a good movie, but Rotten Tomatoes you have lost all credibility in my book when the film ranks somewhere in the 90% of certified fresh. It is good, it isn’t THAT DAMN GOOD. But I digress, no, I wish to talk about one of the original fake CGI splooge fests that graced our television screens before SciFi started ramming it down out throats, Python. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Python”