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Tanner Reviews The Cleveland Show

220px-TheClevelandShowPromoWhen you look up the term cash in in the dictionary, this will be one of the first pictures that you will see. Now I’m not saying that I dislike everything Seth MacFarlane does, far from it. I do enjoy Family Guy every now and again and some of his other stuff has been decent. I can certainly muster up more dislike for other people in Hollywood then for Seth MacFarlane. But man, when you talk about a guy who is milking every last drop out of the animation cash cow that is Family Guy a lot of that stuff is damn near unwatchable. American Dad I can barely stand but I can see the appeal while today’s subject, The Cleveland Show stands a testament to poor comedy and lazy concepts. The direct spin off of Family Guy has left us with very little but an anthropomorphic bear and a handful of slightly tasteless racist humor.

A spin off of the popular television show Family Guy, The Cleveland Show is the story of Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) one of Peter Griffin’s friends who moves from Quahog Rhode Island to Stoolbend Virginia after marrying his new wife Donna (Sanaa Lathan). With his overweight but lovable son Cleveland Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Donna’s two children Roberta and Rallo (Reagan Gomez-Preston/Henry) the story follows the family through day to day life in Stoolbend and the problems of lower middle class life with a healthy or unhealthy mix of off color comedy. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Cleveland Show”

Tanner Reviews A Million Ways to Die in the West

A_Million_Ways_to_Die_in_the_West_posterPiece of shit!!! This movie is an absolute piece of shit! So let me just say before we get further into why this movie is an ungodly abomination of everything that is wrong with the movie world, that I have nothing against Seth McFarlane. I do not care a lot for his comedy. I thought Ted was an okay movie and I thought Family Guy was at least a watchable show for a little while. At least it could work as background noise while I was working on other more projects. But man combined with everything else that this man has done and his humor he is usually one that avoid at all costs. With that being said, when I heard of A Million Ways to Die in the West I thought I would give it a watch. In my mind, the worst that it could be was a spaghetti western version of Ted. Nothing great, but nothing that I would find annoying or distasteful… But man was I wrong. A Million Ways to Die in the West may be the worst thing to come along to the western genre since Michael Cimino killed it some thirty-four years ago. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews A Million Ways to Die in the West”