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Site Updates for Tanner Reviews (7/2/2013)

Well it has been five months now that I have been doing this and I have accumulated a pretty strong fan base, enough of a fan base to feel the need to actually create one of these updates. Plus, I feel like I have enough info that I need to get out there to make one of these updates, so awesome.

First off, before I get started I want to say thank you to all of my fans and all the people who check out my site on a regular basis. It is still a small but every growing group and I feel very honored that you enjoy my site and really appreciate all of your support. Some of you I know personally and others I have not yet had the pleasure to meet. But like I said I thank you in following me these past five months and I promise to keep going strong and put out the best material that I can. With that said, on to the news.

A Return to Videos

I have to say that I love posting blogs and putting out reviews four times a week. Some of the best parts of my day is sitting down at my laptop and disecting a video game or movie. But my original vision for this site was a video based review system. While I am going to continue writing reviews I do still want to put out some form of visual media for the site. So, what I am thinking is creating a video once or twice a month mixed in with my regular 4 days a week written reviews. They will be strictly film based reviews. I am going to keep my lists, television, and video game reviews on a writing basis only.

You can expect to see the first of these videos some time this month. I am currently in the process of moving and do not want to get attached to one set and one location. So this first one will be shot at my current residence and then once I am settled in I will work on putting those two video reviews on a schedule same as my written reviews.

Also you may have noticed that my videos page has been placed ‘under construction’. That is because a lot of that also goes back to a time when I was trying to be more ‘comedic’. Since then, I really want to make more serious and critically based reviews with a few comedic jabs thrown in to add a little flavor. A few of those videos will be put back up. Namely any of the videos that featured my good friend Ushiku Cristafulli of OpenMind and a few others I find entertaining, illuminating, or not filled with sub par editing.

Gaming Tales

I have decided to do away with the Gaming Tales section of my page… Mainly because I do not feel it is getting enough traffic. Really, RPG tales are a very niche market and I do not feel it is worth the effort to put into it. Maybe later I will create some videos on them. But that is about it. Fun concept… Not great in practice.

A Feature Length Film and Web Series!

The other two were areas that I wanted to touch on to keep everyone updated, but this is the real reason I created this update for these two big announcements.

First: A friend of mine and myself are currently in serious talks about making a feature-length film. We are going to have an official meeting about it within the next month to hammer out the details. But if all goes as plan then we will begin shooting this fall and have the film ready by spring time. If this film does come to fruition, all of you will get a behind the scenes look of this film and if/when the film is completed it will be for sale on my page! Right now it is in its VERY early stages but that is an area that I am very excited about and will keep you updated on.

Second: A long time ago I mentioned a web series based around the Cthulhu Mythos… Well for the longest time I shelved the project because I did not feel that I had the means in order to really do it justice. But as the site has progressed and I have a steady job with steady payment this series is becoming more and more of a reality again. It will not be ready until near the end of summer and the series is in its early stages of development but these two areas that I am really excited about and can’t wait to bring them to you in the future.

There are big things coming around the horizon and I would again like to thank you all for following me on this journey. Look forward to some big things in the future as well as more great reviews.