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From the Vaults: Blue Crush

Blue CrushToday we open up the vaults for a 2002 movie that you will now typically find in the $5 sell bin at Wal-Mart. This movie isn’t a case of a terrible movie sitting in the depths of a bin, waiting for some unsuspecting person to dig through it and pull out $5 worth of wasted time. Instead, this movie is more of a decent early 2000’s movie that just simply got forgotten as the times moved forward. Blue Crush isn’t a bad movie, in fact I thoroughly enjoyed Blue Crush when I was becoming a teenager and had nothing better to do with my time while I was on summer vacation from school. But as the years of worn on and I have watched the movie as an adult, I have come to realize that Blue Crush is an ambitious movie that falls flat when it comes to the ambition level.

Blue Crush is the story of a young woman named Anna Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth). She is a surfer from Hawaii who takes care of her little sister Penny (Mika Boorem) as their mom left them for a random boyfriend and her two friends Lena and Eden (Sanoe Lake & Michelle Rodriguez). The trio can either be found working a dead end job as housekeepers at a luxury hotel or surfing on the beach.

Anna Marie is a former pro surfer who was sidelined after a horrific accident that left her psychologically traumatized and unable to get back onto the board. One day while working, she meets a professional football playing Quarterback staying in one of the hotels named Matt Tollman (Matthew Davies) who also happened to be created out of the generic white love interest factory. The story follows Anna Marie as she prepares for a surfing competition in the hopes of over coming her fears and getting back into the professional surfing scene. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Blue Crush”

From the Vaults: Rudy

Rudy2Today, we open the vaults once again to get to the heart of the reason I started this series. The whole idea of “From the Vaults” is to take a look back at movies and video games of the past and judge them on their impact on their respected industries how the film has held up over time. With that said, there are few movies from my life that represent the intent of this series than Rudy. The story of the plucky little guy from small town Illinois to defy the odds and play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is one of those all around feel good movies of the 1990’s. Anyone who has watched Rudy instantly becomes misty eyed by the story of the little engine that could, myself included. I loved watching Rudy when I was a young kid. So much so, that for a time, I cheered for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team myself. But over the years, the question still remains, does the movie hold up to this day? Continue reading “From the Vaults: Rudy”