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Tanner Reviews Firewatch

downloadWell I finally finished it! After months of playing and delaying I finally completed Firewatch. It has been a long time coming, but I am quite happy to have finished the game and boy am I certainly happy with my experience. While this year has not been a stellar year of video gaming, it is still quite an honor to be counted as one of the best games of 2016 which is exactly where Firewatch finds themselves today.

Firewatch is the story of a man named Henry. After his wife, Julia, is unfortunately diagnosed with early onset dementia, Henry takes up a job in a firewatch tower in Wyoming. While there, he meets Delilah, his boss, over a radio chat. The two begin to hit it off, isolated in the woods. However, it is soon discovered that they are not alone. It turns out that there is someone following Henry as he goes out on his excursions and is listening to their radio conversations. The two then have to discover who it is that is stalking them and why. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Firewatch”

Z99.9 Information Radio in the Zombie Apocalypse – Episode 1: Pilot

So… I’m going to be trying something a little different with this podcasts this week. I had an idea for a few radio style shows and decided that I wanted to spring them on the world! I have two 6 episode radio shows in the works right now, a Vampire one about to be released AND this one! Z99.9 is a radio show about a man named Jonathan Amos trying to broadcast the state of the world while a deadly disease known as the Fire Virus rages through the world. This is the first episode and the other 5 will be coming out once a week. Please give it a listen, it is well worth the time, and a step in a new direction for my site and the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth.


Tanner Reviews Fairy Tail

FairyTail-Volume_1_CoverHave you ever watch one of those shows where you are not quite sure why you like it or how it even pulled you in in the first place, but for whatever reason you just can’t help but enjoy the hell out of it? Well that is how I am with the anime television show Fairy Tail. I was turned on to this gem by my roommate who was far into the show by the time that I came around. Nothing she said about the show was particularly interesting when she started talking about it and left my mind just as quickly. But one day, sitting on the couch and sifting through the Netflix, I found the show sitting there in the recently watched category and I gave it a watch… Yeah I’m still not sure what it is that makes me like it so much, so I figured I would write a review on it for all of you as well for my own mental well-being. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Fairy Tail”

Tanner Tells of Humans vs. Zombies

With Humans vs. Zombies only a few days away here in Athens, I thought it would be a good idea to upload an old video of mine telling a story of a mishap that happened in one of the games in the past. Also if you are in the Athens Ohio area, come join us for HvZ: Athens Fall Game 10/15 – 10/22! Continue reading “Tanner Tells of Humans vs. Zombies”

New Series: Gaming Tales

Huntreck_cYou know there are two things that I love in this world. The first of which is gaming of any sort and the other is writing. I’ve been playing games since playing Super Mario Brothers as a damn near toddler on my Grandfathers NES and Super Nintendo and have been writing stories and attempting to get a novel published since my freshman year of high school.

Gaming and writing are pretty much my bread and butter and are intricate parts of my life and my personality as a whole. So needless to say anytime that I play an RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu and so forth I can actually see a written story unfolding before me only I do not have complete control over how the story is going to go. I absolutely love it and can even form the fiction in my head as we are playing. This probably being the reason why I tend to gravitate more towards the GM/DM role then the player role.

But for a while I have been wanting to create some new series that involved both of these subjects and now that new series is here. Gaming Tales will be my fictionalization of actual RPGs that I played in the past whether it be GM or player. I will emphasize that these are fictionalizations of these games, not stories of the games themselves and I hope you enjoy them.

That being said I was thinking of a story that would be a good starting point to this new series. While I would love to create some stories about D&D I feel those need to be saved for now as they are large epic lasting tales of yesterday. Instead I want to delve into the a story from the World of Darkness.

I absolutely love the series as a whole and is only second to D&D in my book. I absolutely love the story and the universe it sets and look for a chance to delve into every chance that I get. This particular story I’m about to tell comes from the Hunter: The Reckoning set of the series.

So in a nutshell, the protagonists of the story take on the role as humans who have been given powers by an unknown force called the Messengers in order to combat the vampires, zombies, werewolves, and so forth of the world that is dragging it into the depths of hell.

This particular one is one of my favorite stories and one of the most recent that I played with a few associates of mine here in Roanoke. So without further ado I hope you enjoy.