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4 Ways Triple A Gaming Loves to Exploit Gamers

Triple A Gaming has become a joke. Sure there have been a few games (emphasize FEW) that have been good since the next generation slinked its way onto the scene, but for the most part it has been crap, on top of crap, loaded with more crap, and now the crap has started to spill over into our computer gaming! Triple A video gaming has gone from giving us the best games imaginable to something more reminiscent of a deranged despot who believes that what is truly in everyone’s best interest if you, the peasants, shower them in gifts and praise while they continue to throw worthless tripe at you for the privilege of being abused by them.

I have discussed before why video gamers today should be playing video games from the Independent scene (which you can view here) as a way of sending some tough love to Triple A Developers that shit needs to change or you will eventually lose your customers. But in that article, I only alluded to the major problems with Triple A gaming. So today, I will give you the list of the Top 4 Ways Triple A Gaming Love to Exploit You!

Before I start this list, just keep in mind that this list is my opinion based on my viewing of the Triple A Market. If you disagree with the list, please comment below. I love a good argument. With that said, let’s get started. Continue reading “4 Ways Triple A Gaming Loves to Exploit Gamers”

Tanner Reviews A Million Ways to Die in the West

A_Million_Ways_to_Die_in_the_West_posterPiece of shit!!! This movie is an absolute piece of shit! So let me just say before we get further into why this movie is an ungodly abomination of everything that is wrong with the movie world, that I have nothing against Seth McFarlane. I do not care a lot for his comedy. I thought Ted was an okay movie and I thought Family Guy was at least a watchable show for a little while. At least it could work as background noise while I was working on other more projects. But man combined with everything else that this man has done and his humor he is usually one that avoid at all costs. With that being said, when I heard of A Million Ways to Die in the West I thought I would give it a watch. In my mind, the worst that it could be was a spaghetti western version of Ted. Nothing great, but nothing that I would find annoying or distasteful… But man was I wrong. A Million Ways to Die in the West may be the worst thing to come along to the western genre since Michael Cimino killed it some thirty-four years ago. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews A Million Ways to Die in the West”

Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Tanner and Brandon’s Most Hated Movies

logo_nerdiest_template (1)On this special episode of the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth, Brandon and I talk about our Top 10 Most Hated Movies of All Time! Please watch, enjoy, and prepare to be angry as some of your favorite movies pop up on the list. Continue reading “Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Tanner and Brandon’s Most Hated Movies”

The Worst Video Games of 2013

We have reached the end! A new year and a new set of video games and movies to review. But naturally I can’t just go diving into 2014 and not go over everything that has happened in the realms of video games and movies during the 2013 year. So this week is going to be dedicated to wrapping up 2013 in one perfectly tied bow. I will be doing an end of the year list of the 5 Best and Worst Video Games and Movies of 2013. Seeing as how I still have one more movie I want to watch of 2013, I decided that I would go ahead and finish off the Video Games, starting with the Worst Video Games of 2013.

But before we get into the list, I want to reiterate that this list is made up of Video Games that I personally played this year! I’m sure there are plenty of games that are far worse out there that I have yet to stumble across. But sadly if I did not play them, then I cannot critique them. With that being said, let’s get into our one dishonorable mention and then the 5 Worst games of 2013! Continue reading “The Worst Video Games of 2013”

Tanner Reviews Movie 43

215px-Movie_43_posterIt has been a year now… A year since the release of what is without a doubt one of the worst movies ever made. I heard of how horrendous Movie 43 when it first came out in January of 2013. But in my mind I simply could not believe what I was hearing from other critics. Exaggeration sometimes comes with the territory when dealing with critics, I’ll admit it. So when I was reading ‘one of the worst movies ever made.’ I had a hard time believing the rumors… And then I saw it… It took me a long time to see it but by the time it popped up on Netflix I gave it a go and after seeing it… Yeah this abomination is easily one of the worst films ever made period. Even then I feel like the term ‘worst film ever made’ does not quite do it justice. Please trust me when I say with no hyperbole… This is honestly one of the worst movies ever. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Movie 43”

Tanner Reviews Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop_Chainsaw_Cover_ArtWOO talk about a boring week when it comes to video games. Sadly there just isn’t anything worth while that came out these past few weeks for me to review. I’ve covered most of the big 2013 games that have been released thus far and those other titles I have yet to review, I have tied up in commitments that you will see down the line (like Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch) So I did some digging and decided to review a game that is already slipping away from the people’s conscience from 2012, Lollipop Chainsaw.

Talk about a game that has shameless written all over it. This uninspired tongue in cheek zombie game is the epitome of what gives zombies, hack and slash games, fan service, and surprisingly Harley Quinn a bad name. Put out be Grasshopper Manufacturer, Lollipop Chainsaw is like a bad lollipop; flashy, overly sweet, and leaves a poor taste in your mouth. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Lollipop Chainsaw”

Tanner Reviews The Hangover III

And thank God it ended!
And thank God it ended!

So this weekend has not been the best one in my life. The first being that due to all kinds of problems I could not complete the video review of this and have decided to write about this and save the videos for another week… The second is that I actually had to sit through this piece of shit which was one of the longest 90 minutes of my life just falling behind my the Ungodly abomination that was my High School Graduation ceremony. This film… This film hurt. It hurt to watch, it hurt to listen to, it hurt to not walk out of the theater in complete and utter disgust! The only reason I stayed seated was because A) I have to write a review about this and B) I know the internet wants to see me in pain. This film was painful and just goes to show what a cum sucking whore the movie sequel industry is taking a great movie in The Hangover and evolving until the only two real things that are left from the original is the crazed Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) and man-child weirdo Allen (Zach Galifiankas) Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Hangover III”

Top 4 Reasons Why All Prequels Suck

prequelOh I hate prequels. Not just certain prequels but just about every prequel in existence I have hated and if I do not hate them then I can at least guarantee you that I do not love them or at best my reaction to them is mixed. While some of them have some redeemable qualities to them, for the most part just about every single one of them are trash. Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Why All Prequels Suck”