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Tanner Reviews Layers of Fear

layers_of_fear_cover2016 has been a weird year when it comes to video games and certainly not in a good way. While the holiday season is quickly approaching, the majority of this year can be summed up as a bunch of Triple A let downs and a slew of decent indie games. Sure XCOM 2 and Dark Souls III came out. But even those were considered to be decent, but mainly forgettable at best. 2013, this year is not. While I hope to get a good review of XCOM 2 before the year is out, now I am stuck to reviewing indie games on Steam that my friends and I stumble upon to create a semi decent best and worst of 2016. With that being said, let’s talk about Layers of Fear. Ever since Amnesia: The Dark Descent came out, there seems to be a steady stream of copy cats and re-creators out there who are looking to capture the terror and lightning-in-a-bottle fear that that game managed to create. The exploring a random spoopy house when shit starts to go horrifically wrong whether it be by stalking evil creature or by hallucinogenic paintings, these things seem to be all over the damn place. While Layers of Fear is certainly not the worst offender of this list, the game presents a decent showing that comes part and parcel with tropes that have already been done to great extent in the past. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Layers of Fear”

Tanner Reviews Tremors 5: Bloodlines

downloadSome of you may be aware, I am a big fan of the movie series Tremors. What started out as a horror comedy monster movie featuring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as made a nice little niche for itself with some of the most solid sequels and franchises that I have ever seen. Thanks to a small, but fervent fanbase and actors from the original movie willing to champion the cause, Tremors has become a surprising brand with five movies and a TV Series under its belt. Just last month, the franchise released its newest movie, Tremors 5: Bloodlines and since I am in the movie criticism business, it is a prime target for my analytical destruction and destruction it shall be! I am not going to sit here and bash the fifth installment of this movie, it actually isn’t that bad. This is especially true when you consider the fact that by the fifth installment of a franchise, the movies tend to suck and suck hard. But all things considered, this movie is certainly one of the weak points within the franchise. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Tremors 5: Bloodlines”

Tanner Reviews Until Dawn

Until_Dawn_cover_artAs most of you are well aware, I have a hard on for Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I am a sucker when it comes to a story that is well told and allows you to choose which path you want to travel down. It makes me even more giddy that this trend is being picked up by other developers and games like Until Dawn are being released to the masses. This game came to my attention by my wonderful girlfriend Kitty who had just watched Markiplier have a play through of the game. After I heard of her glowing appraisal, combined with the fact that it was a PS4 exclusive, I decided that it was high time that I upgraded my consoles to the next generation, and give the game a go. I have to admit that I was not disappointed in the slightest. It may be a little on rails, but with the combination of a great 80’s throwback story and a game that truly lets you dictate the outcome of the game, Until Dawn is one of the next generation games that lives up to the hype of a next generation game. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Until Dawn”

Tanner Reviews Dying Light

Dying_Light_coverIf you were to look up the word generic in the dictionary you would find a picture of Dying Light right next to it with a big old Techland developing logo plastered on top of it. That should pretty much sum up my feelings for this little Triple A game that was just put out to the market. I do not hate it, I will make that very clear right now. This review is going to come across as very harsh, I can’t help it. But I do want to state before people jump on me that I do not hate Dying Light. I can even see some merit in the game. But overall, Dying Light is forcing me choose between it and Fuse on which one is more generic and trust me that is saying something. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dying Light”

Tanner Reviews The Evil Within

The_Evil_Within_boxartAnd so we come to my last review of 2014 and my last video game review before I list the best and worst video games of 2014 that I reviewed. Quite personally I cannot pick a better video game to review that represents a true mix of emotions in my mind. For you see the video game that we are looking at today is the latest ‘survival horror’ video game from the mind of B-Movie gorehound Shinji Mikami, the mind behind the classic video game Resident Evil 4. For you see reader, I have come to a true conflict in my reviewing. On the one hand I love Resident Evil 4 and if you remember, gave the game a perfect 5/5 during my Resident Evil Retrospective and claimed it to be the best game of the series. Now when I look at The Evil Within, I personally have to say that this is the best remake of Resident Evil 4 that I could ever hope for… Only it isn’t a remake of Resident Evil 4. Same basic premise. You take on the form of Sergeant Gruff Manbody of the Stubble Chinned Machismo Precinct, get thrown into some random backwoods where you are chased by a man with a chainsaw and a handful of farmers whose sole goal in life is to introduce your face to their sharp and pointy objects collection. I mean, god love Shinji Mikami. The man puts out quality. But it seems with The Evil Within was simply smashed together with concepts from his old video games and the idea of, eh people will buy it. But I do get ahead of myself. Let’s leave a lot of my opinion for the review.

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Tanner Reviews Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five_nights_at_freddys_cover_artDamn it! Fucking damn it! This game! This fucking game! Jesus tap dancing Christ this game is fucking terrifying and for something so simplistic is executed masterfully. How in the hell did this game do it? I have no idea. You take a concept so simple and make it absolutely horrifying… I love it! I absolutely love it! I love every single second of it. Five Nights at Freddy’s needs to be taught in college classes on how to appropriately build suspense and to use jump scares as they are intended to be used. This game is an absolute modern marvel and one of the best damn games that I have played in recent years and I mean that with absolutely no hyperbole. Five Nights at Freddy’s is something that everyone should experience and you can for the low price of $4.99 on Steam! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Five Nights at Freddy’s”

Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation

Alien_IsolationSo here we go again. It has been a little over a year since I had the foul taste of my favorite movie being ruined for me in my mouth by Gearbox when they released the much hyped and horrifyingly executed disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now, here we are again with Sega taking a crack at one of my favorite franchises, this time aiming for the tight paranoid horror of the first film instead of the shoot ’em up action of the second film in Alien: Isolation. While I am not exactly one who is going to shower this video game in praise like some other critics out there, I will say that with the bar set as low as it was from Colonial Marines, this thing had to have been absolutely unplayable for it to fail in my eyes so take that for what you will. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Alien: Isolation”

Tanner Reviews Cockneys vs. Zombies

Cockneys_vs_zombies_posterOh the things that you happen upon on Netflix. I stumbled across this gem last night while surfing through the endless list of movies found on Netflix instant stream. I gave it a watch… And oh my… Where has Cockneys vs. Zombies been all my life? Not since Shaun of the Dead have I seen a zombie movie that I can watch over and over again and still feel the sweet zombie killing satisfaction. Is it a coincidence that they are both British movies? Probably; Either that or the UK knows its zombie movies, but I digress. Cockneys vs. Zombies is one of the best popcorn movies I have seen in recent history. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Cockneys vs. Zombies”

Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Horror/Scary Video Gaming

To celebrate Halloween, Brandon and I talk about horror themed video games and what is it about them that makes them terrifying… Also I talk about Resident Evil again because apparently I cannot escape the franchise anymore.

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