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Tanner’s Winter Sale Spoils (Grim Fandango Remastered, DLC Quest, and This War of Mine)

It is that time of year again everybody! As we move into the New Year, we have a whole new set of games that I looted from the Winter Sale. These are games that do not typically fall into the 2015 review section, so I am just going to give a brief synopsis of all three of them and my final score of each of them! Also, happy New Years everyone! I can’t wait to get out the 2015 in Review articles as well as two more 2015 reviews before this is all said and done. With that said, let’s get to the three games on my list of spoils from the Steam Winter Sale. Continue reading “Tanner’s Winter Sale Spoils (Grim Fandango Remastered, DLC Quest, and This War of Mine)”

Tanner Reviews World War Z

World_War_Z_posterHoly crap this movie was great! Okay maybe it wasn’t the greatest thing in the world but whenever you go into a movie like this feeling in the pits of your heart that you are about to watch something near and dear to you get destroyed by someone who has no idea what they are doing… And then get surprised to learn that is is actually everything that you would hope for it to ┬ábe and more is truly one of the best feelings you could ever have after going to the theater. There were so many people (myself included) who were dreading the day that this came out. Brad Pitt staring in the film adaptation of Max Brook’s book by the same name? My word this can only end in absolute failure… Then we all had to collectively shove our respective feet into our mouths because this film was fantastic. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews World War Z”