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Tanner Reviews TellTale’s Batman Episode 3

downloadWell that certainly was an experience. As to be expected, I am reviewing this episode to episode and since the third episode tends to be the start of the rising action to the climax, this one will more than likely be the most well reviewed. I have to say that, unlike the other two, this episode was action packed from start to finish. Including potentially hooking up with Catwoman, seeing your fame and fortune town to sunder, dealing with the aftermath of the debate crisis, and revealing the true identity of the leader of the Children of Arkham… My god this one was an absolute roller coaster. While it still has its flaws, this episode was definitely enjoyable!


When the biggest complaint that I have about this episode is the fact that Bruce Wayne being dragged through the dirt for his father’s deeds is somewhat a silly and bullshit plot point, that definitely says a lot about the game that has been improving since its first episode.

The story is truly into high gear, you get to witness a truly heart breaking transformation of Harvey Dent to Harvey Two Face, and the reveal of the true leader of the Children of Arkham is jaw dropping. At this point, I’m looking forward to see where the game goes from here.

Score from Episode 1: 2.5/5

Score from Episode 2: 3/5

Score from Episode 3: 4/5

Mini Review: Telltale’s Batman Episode 1

batman_telltale_games_logoI want to say, EVEN BEFORE I start to write the intro, that this is NOT a complete review of the entire game! I want to save that tasty little treat for when I have been able to play all five episodes of the game in order to give a truly all encompassing review. What I am attempting to review here is the initial first impressions that the game has given me, nothing more. With that being said, after The Walking Dead, I have been chomping at the bit to get a chance to play TellTale’s take on the Caped Crusader. While the concept has been a little odd for me, I am ready to see what else they have to offer with the next four episodes.

So in TellTale’s version of Batman, we find ourselves in our awkward Batman stage where he is known by the people… But isn’t quite accepted by the cops. Also some of his villains are in that weird sort of “needs to blossom” stage. You get the picture. We get a nice “meet cute?” of Catwoman and Batman as Catwoman is trying to steal a disk of some kind but is ultimately unsuccessful.

In the world of Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent or Neo-Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is running for mayor of Gotham against the corrupted Mayor Hill and Wayne is backing him up financially and philosophically. The two piss off the corrupt Carmine Falcone when Bruce Wayne is unwilling to play ball with the man which leads us into a, majority Bruce Wayne doing Wayne stuff, and a little bit of Batman sprinkled in for good measure. Continue reading “Mini Review: Telltale’s Batman Episode 1”

Tanner Reviews TellTale’s The Walking Dead

TWD-game-coverWith the debut of the Season 2 teaser 400 Days and considering that this really is the only thing from The Walking Dead that I have yet to review, I think it is high time that we talk about the mini series that took the world by storm last year. TellTale’s The Walking Dead. Unlike the television show which seems to be creating its own separate entity and Survival Instincts which is one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever had the misfortune to sit through, TellTale’s The Walking Dead to this day is the medium outside of the comic series that really gets the ‘essence’ of what it means to be apart of the Walking Dead universe. It is a game in my opinion that hit all the right notes at the right time and gave it to us at such a great value that it is easy to see why it won so many titles for game of the year last year.

We will get into the details of why this game was so successful in a moment, but first what I want to do is explain how this review is going to take a bit of a different route. Just like my normal reviews this will cover the pros and the cons of the game and give a conclusion and a final score at the end. However I do want to give some special attention to ‘400 Days’ the recent DLC that is sort of a prelude to Season 2 of The Walking Dead. So after the finish of this review we will have a little mini review for 400 days and my thoughts on how Season 2 is going to go.

In case you have not yet played Season 1 the brief synopsis is that this game comes in 5 different episodes that are about 2 hours apiece. It follows the story of Lee Everett, a man who had just recently been convicted for murdering a senator who was having an affair with his wife. After his car crashes en route to prison, he finds himself in the world of the dead and quickly bonds with a little girl named Clementine, whose parents are gone on a trip to Savannah. The rest of the story centers around the relationships that Lee forms with Clementine as well as the people in his group and what all occurs in the 90+ days of Lee’s experience in the zombie apocalypse. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews TellTale’s The Walking Dead”