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Crit or Miss 1 Year Anniversary: Hot Chicks the RPG

Tanner Reviews No Man’s Sky

The original post of this article can be found at Project Derailed. Seeing as how this game will be included with my year end best and worst list, I decided to post it on here as well.

cover_large… What is there to say? What is there to say that the rest of this world hasn’t already said? No Man’s Sky is on the fast track to becoming this generation’s Daikatana. It is a game that had so much promise and so much unique possibilities, but all that it ended being was one of the greatest disappointments in video game history. While this opening may seem like it is laden with hyperbole, I assure you that this is my legitimate opinion. I am not attempting to push something for the sake of shock value. I do, honestly believe, that No Man’s Sky is in the same league as John Romero’s coke filled fever dream.

So this is going to be a combination of a Top 5 list and one of my regular reviews. I will give five reasons why this game is such a large pile of abject failure and then finish up with a conclusion and final score. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews No Man’s Sky”

Mini Review: Homefront the Revolution

Homefront,_The_Revolution_logoWell this was a waste of time. For those of you unaware, I had to make a trip out of town this weekend and as such I did not get a chance to churn out a great idea for a post. So basically, I decided to spend a few hours watching a video game on YouTube and giving my general thoughts on it for your reading pleasure. So… I decided to watch one of the newest games to come out, Homefront the Revolution… Well I wasted two hours of my life that I will never get back. I’ll be honest here, this seems like one of the most pointless sequels that I have ever seen. I cannot think of a single person who was asking for this game. Even fans of the quickly dying realistic FPS genre didn’t like the first game which was also a piece of shit. But here we are… starring at a reimagining of the original game and just from my personal experience, I truly hope the makers of this game at least got their money back just so it wasn’t a complete waste of their time as well. Continue reading “Mini Review: Homefront the Revolution”

Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Operation Raccoon City

OperationRaccoonCityGod damn it! This game is the game, THE GAME in the RE franchise that just finds new and spectacular ways to piss me off! I didn’t think you could get much worse than Resident Evil Survivor and really on a game stand point, this one isn’t. But at least after playing Survivor, i didn’t have a screaming urge to write CAPCOM and say ‘What the hell are you doing to my franchise?!” Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may not be the worst game in the Resident Evil franchise, but it is very close. Released in 2012, Operation Raccoon City was supposed to be the ultimate multiplayer RE experience as it took a handful of ‘unique’ playable characters and placed them in Raccoon City during the 1998 outbreak along with a pretty enjoyable single player mode that was supposed to expand further upon the universe. Although I do not see why Raccoon City’s story needs to be expanded any further. I think we pretty much got everything we needed to know from that. Continue reading “Tanner’s Resident Evil Retrospective: RE Operation Raccoon City”