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Tanner Reviews Jesus, Bro!

C9imV-mXcAMZeZNMan has it been a while! With me finishing my Master’s and working on Crit or Miss, I haven’t had a lot of time to see any movies of 2017. Luckily for me, this one dropped into my fucking lap from the internet. As you all will know, Brad Jones was something of an inspiration for me, as far as movie reviews are concerned, so I try to see as many of his movies as possible. I reviewed The Cinema Snob Movie a while back and now I get to watch the Christian exploitation spoof movie, Jesus, Bro! While this movie certainly isn’t one of the Ryan Mitchelle and by extension Brad Jones’ best, it is certainly still an excellent movie well worth the money spent.

Jesus, Bro! is the story of an angry YouTube celebrity and atheist Rick Whitehead (Dave Gobble). After a traumatic event in his childhood, Rick has evolved into the Rickhead who is a satire of the way contemporary christian movies portray atheists. After a drunken experience with some “holy beer” and his girlfriend Elizabeth Howard Grace (Allison Pregler) leaving him, Rick meets “Santa Christ” (Rob Walker) who convinces him to convert his followers to Christianity in order to get Elizabeth back. The movie focuses on Rick as he attempts to convert his stalwart atheist followers into Christians. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Jesus, Bro!”

From the Vaults: God’s Not Dead

God's_Not_DeadWhy do I do this to myself? Why do I sit through things like this? I honestly have no idea. Nobody is asking for it. Nobody wants me to review these propaganda movies. Just like in War Room, I am doing this to myself. I am putting myself through hell for your all’s entertainment and I am reviewing things that none of my readers saw or wants to see. At either rate, this is God’s Not Dead. The second one just came out so I thought… There isn’t a time like the present to tackle this thing. So let’s get to it. Let’s tackle this horrific movie.

I will state before I go any further that when it comes to personal beliefs, I like to keep mine secret. That is my right as a human being. But I will say that I have no problem with any organized religions. My opinion is that you have the right to believe in whatever you want and I will not take that away from you. So please understand, that this review is not criticizing Christianity in anyway. I am criticizing a terrible film that is nothing more than terrifying propaganda.

So the story mainly takes place on a college campus during a philosophy class. Our resident atheist, Professor Raddison (Kevin Sorbo), demands that his class right on a piece of paper that God is Dead in order to move forward in class. One of the students, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) refuses because it is against his religion. Well Professor Raddison, being the horrific atheist that he is, gets angry at the fact that someone would dare be religious in his class and challenges Josh to a debate that takes up the entirety of his class. For the rest of the semester, the two debate with one another attempting to prove that God is either dead or not dead. Continue reading “From the Vaults: God’s Not Dead”

Tanner Reviews The Cinema Snob Movie

downloadAnd with this post, I am at review 100! Thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my reviews. I really do appreciate it. I love doing this and I want to keep going from here and make this site bigger, better, and more awesome with each day. So with the first major milestone, I wanted to do something special. Some may think that The Cinema Snob Movie is an odd choice for my 100th review, but please let me explain. I could have reviewed a number of films that are either popular and/or infamous. There are even a number of films that hit me on a personal level… But instead what I wanted to do is review a film by a guy who got me into the realms of criticism in the first place.

So it is story time. A few years back a friend of mine named Colin told me of a video by Doug Walker’s Nostalgia Critic. Now whenever a friend tells me I need to check out a video on the internet, usually I sigh because that means that I am going to either spend the next 30 minutes watching a meme or someone getting kicked in the nuts. But I gave it a watch… And it was okay. Doug Walker is a really funny guy and I enjoy his work but after watching the video I was pretty much content. A few weeks passed and I was bored with nothing to do so I said fuck it, I returned to Channel Awesome’s site That Guy With The Glasses and watched a few videos of different critics. Then I found one by Brad Jones’ character The Cinema Snob called Alice in Wonderland: An X Rated Fantasy. I saw this and said… well Jesus I have to see this. I watched it and enjoyed it. After I found his other site and saw all of the things that Brad Jones does including making movies, his radio style show Radiodrome, Brad Tries, The Cinema Snob, and so much more I was thoroughly impressed. While I found him to be very funny and enjoyable to watch… But what really inspired me about Brad Jones was the amount of fun that exuded from each of his videos. While the other critics I saw appeared to have a good time and liked what they did, Brad’s whole site exudes it. He truly made reviewing look like so much fun and since then I have been trying to do my own review site and have never once regretted a second of it. So with that being said, that is why I am reviewing his recent film, The Cinema Snob movie. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Cinema Snob Movie”