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Top 15 Biggest Pro Wrestling Busts from USA Promotions

Let’s just be honest, busts are just a sad fact of sports and pro wrestling is no exception. There are guys that are slated for big and great things. They are given all the tools, all the opportunities, and all the chances… And yet they end up fading into obscurity instead of becoming the next Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena. This list is to commemorate fifteen of those people who was handed the world and quickly fumbled it. This is the Top 15 Busts in US Pro Wrestling!

NOW! I do have some rules on this list. First and foremost, this will NOT just encompass WWE, but other promotions in the USA. Second, I am excluding people on this list who had terrible runs with promotions, but had otherwise stellar careers. As such, people like Dr. Death Steve Williams, Kevin Nash under his Diesel run, Scott Steiner, Vader, and so forth will not be included on this list. Nor am I including those on this list who have had a career resurgence such as Drew McIntyre Galloway. With that being said, here are three honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Tank Abbott: Tank Abbott makes an honorable mention due to the fact that he was slated, during the height of Russo WCW, to be WCW Champion. This did not happen and he ended up with a silly boy band love gimmick. The reason he just misses the list… Because unlike others on this list that felt like wasted potential… We all knew Tank Abbott was not World Champion material and he was only potentially pushed hard because Russo was running the show.

Rene Dupree: Rene Dupree had it all going for him. He was the youngest champion in the WWE, claiming the Tag Team belt with Sylvan Granier at 19. He had a great physique, and had charisma. However, back stage politics and a bad attitude derailed him and his career never truly recovered. The reason he remains an honorable mention is because he was not pushed as heavy as some on this list.

Chris Sabin: This one is a tragedy as I love Chris Sabin. He is a great wrestler. But he was the unfortunate recipient of TNA pushes in their painful years that tried to make Sabin a star overnight… That tragically was not even remotely successful. Chris Sabin stays off the list because he still has a chance to salvage a little bit of his career and show off more of what he can do. Continue reading “Top 15 Biggest Pro Wrestling Busts from USA Promotions”