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Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time

So, considering the fact that I have finally decided to write the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time… Which is coming soon… I decided to revisit one of my favorite posts of all time: My Favorite Movies of All Time. Here is the thing, opinions change, ideas change, and ultimately my tastes have changed. Some movies have become more prevelent in my mind. Some… Some have fallen off the board altogether. When I originally created my Top 25 list… I completely snubbed a few of my favorite movies due to good ole fashion forgetfulness. As such, movies like Die Hard and Reservoir Dogs have made and rectified the list. So with that said, please enjoy my Top 25 FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME!

Honorable Mentions
Shaun of the Dead
Kill Bill
The Lion King
Strangers on a Train
Pulp Fiction
The Dark Knight
La Finestra di Fronte
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Guardians of the Galaxy Continue reading “Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time”

Retro Video Game Month: The Warriors Video Game

256px-ThewarriorscoverSo we conclude Retro Video Game Month with a strangely nostalgic video game for me. I also want to preface this review with by restating how much I detest prequels. Trust me, this will be important later on in the review, but in either case on with the story. Whenever I was a child and a teenager my cousin Brett and I would frequently have slept overs where he would come and stay for the weekend. During that weekend we would cease to exist to the outside world as we stayed inside, played video games, and ate whatever we could get our hands on. It was a fun and a simple time and some of the most memorable from my childhood.

One of the final runs that we had before we got too old for the concept of a sleep over was in 2005 when we rented this game from the local now defunked Movie Stars. I had watched The Warriors at this point as it had a DVD release in which director and co writer Walter Hill explained his vision for the movie and the controversy that surrounded it. So when I had seen an ad on the DVD for The Warriors video game, I was all about that shit. After we rented it Brett and I played the game on Co Op. We started the game at 11:00 AM and didn’t finish until 7:00 PM the following day. There were some bathroom and food breaks in between of course, but that playthrough marked the first time that I had played through a 20 hour game in one sitting. It still is one of my favorite moments growing up. With that said, I could not think of a better way to end Retro Video Game Month by taking look at the 2005 video game adaptation and see if it holds up.

Now the majority of the game is a prequel (GRR) to the original movie and displays how the Warriors’ reputation among New York’s colorful street gangs grew and how they ended up in the gang meeting in Gramacy Park. It features more detailed exposition on some of the less displayed games as well as a return of some of our old favorites.  Continue reading “Retro Video Game Month: The Warriors Video Game”

Tanner’s Top 25 Favorite Movies of All Time (25-13)

Considering that two weeks from now is going to be my two year anniversary, I feel it is time to answer a question that I get asked a lot, what are my favorite movies? This site may tackle video games, anime, various references in pop culture, and so forth… But above all else this site is about movie reviews. The entire reason I started this site to begin with was to become a respected movie critic and I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal. After two years of reviewing and writing I have decided that it is time to release my Top 25 All Time Favorite Movies!

Now due to the sheer amount of typing I am going to be doing, I have decided to split this list into two different articles. One today and the second later in the week. This is the list that includes my honorable mentions as well as numbers 25 through 13. I want everyone to keep in mind that this list is to commemorate my 25 favorite movies of all time. This has nothing to do with the greatness of these movies or their place in history. This is just merely a list of the 25 movie that I enjoy watching the most. If you disagree… Well I’m sorry, but this is a list of my favorites so screw you. With that being said, let’s start with some honorable mentions and then on to 25. Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 25 Favorite Movies of All Time (25-13)”

Tanner Reviews The Warriors

TheWarriors_1979_Movie_PosterIt is always fun to review a controversial movie… Granted it was controversial back during its release in 1979 and since then has been dubbed a cult classic and some would declare one of the best movies made in the 1970’s and of all time, but controversial none the less.

Created in 1979 under the direction of Walter Hill, produced Lawrence Gordon, and based on a book by Sol Yurick, The Warriors is the story about a group of nine young men who belong to a New York Street gang known also as the Warriors based out of Coney Island. After being framed for a murder they did not commit and with a large bounty placed on their heads, the Warriors have to fight their way back to Coney Island with every gang in the city looking to cash in the bounty as well as the NYPD looking to round up every gang member in New York. Loosely based on Battle of Cunaxa where 500 Greek Soldiers were stranded in Persian territory and had to fight their way to the sea. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Warriors”