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Crit or Miss: Santa is Dead

Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

So… Seeing as how I just discussed Batman vs. Superman in a way that has given me massive attention, for both agreement and anger, I decided that what could be better than to keep this superhero train a chugging and rank all of the Batman movies from worst to best! Now, before I get into the list, I will say right now that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be on this list for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I always dislike the idea of including something that “just happened” on to a list like this for shock value. Especially since it hasn’t had time to sit and stew like the other movies have. Second, the movie is technically still a Superman movie and featured in the Superman canon, with Batman joining in the fray. So with that being said, let’s look at these eight gems. Continue reading “Batman Live-Action Movies Ranked from Worst to Best”

Tanner Reviews Nightmare Before Christmas

220px-The_nightmare_before_christmas_posterSo tis the season to talk about all things spooky and why not continue that trend with one of the most iconic Halloween/Christmas movies to be released, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, Tim Burton’s claymation animated story of the denizens of Halloween Town that has become a staple of anyone who finds themselves in the goth clique during the whole high school thing or for anyone who is a large fan of Tim Burton… Or anyone who just really loves good movies such as myself. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those special kinds of movies that I can safely say is the greatest movie Tim Burton ever made. It is one of the few movies I know that can span across two different iconic holidays, leaving the rewatch value high for both holidays in Christmas and Halloween respectfully. It is a great movie and seeing as how I usually come down hard on Burton on this site, today is a day that I will finally give the crazed hair director the credit that he is due. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Nightmare Before Christmas”

Tanner Reviews Batman Returns (8/17/2014)

Batman_returns_poster2After just returning from Bowling Green’s Humans vs. Zombies Summer Invitational, I find myself physically and mentally exhausted after the long two-day event. So when I got home and sat in front of my computer screen, I decided it was time to tackle something old, nostalgic, and a little easy on the mind. So I looked to my shelf and found my answer, the answer to Tim Burton’s 1980 superhero film Batman, the much more out there and bizarre Batman Returns. I’ve mentioned before that I have a love hate relationship when it comes to Burton and his style of films, some of them I find enjoyable in their own special Burtonesque kind of way like Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice, while other movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland have left me with nothing but a taste of hatred and disdain. So where does Batman Returns fall into this category? Well a little bit in the middle. Just like his interpretation of Dark ShadowsBatman Returns is one of those movies that could have been something special if it hadn’t been for too much creative control. I commend Burton for having a very unique eye for cinema and a unique aesthetic. But whenever it is left unchecked, you are bound to get some wild results. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Batman Returns (8/17/2014)”

Tanner Reviews 9

9posterfinalAh Tim Burton, you have returned to my site again. But this time instead of a director, you find yourself in the role of producer to the 2009 relatively forgotten animated film 9. Directed by Shane Acker, was originally a short film created by Acker and given a budget to create a feature-length film. Acker is a relative newcomer to the film making scene and has worked previously on projects such as Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Total Recall (Remake), and 47 Ronin while remains his only feature-length writing and directing role. All that considered, Acker made a pretty successful leap into the film making industry with a visually stunning and mentally stimulating movie. So I suppose this time around, I’m giving the kudos to Burton for funding such a bright mind. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews 9”

Tanner Reviews Dark Shadows

Dark_Shadows_2012_PosterI have a love hate relationship with Tim Burton. The man has put out some fantastic work in the past and I would even go as far to say that he has released some of the greatest films of all time. If I ever make a list of the greatest films ever made then Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Big Fish, and most important The Nightmare Before Christmas would easily be on the list. The man has an eye for cinema and a personal aesthetic that most people could only dream to have. Not to mention when I was in high school and associated myself with the ‘gothic crowd’ for a time I could not go a full day without hearing this man’s name or seeing some sort of memorabilia from this man’s films and thanks to that the man is one of the most famous directors on the scene today. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dark Shadows”