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Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time

So, considering the fact that I have finally decided to write the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time… Which is coming soon… I decided to revisit one of my favorite posts of all time: My Favorite Movies of All Time. Here is the thing, opinions change, ideas change, and ultimately my tastes have changed. Some movies have become more prevelent in my mind. Some… Some have fallen off the board altogether. When I originally created my Top 25 list… I completely snubbed a few of my favorite movies due to good ole fashion forgetfulness. As such, movies like Die Hard and Reservoir Dogs have made and rectified the list. So with that said, please enjoy my Top 25 FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME!

Honorable Mentions
Shaun of the Dead
Kill Bill
The Lion King
Strangers on a Train
Pulp Fiction
The Dark Knight
La Finestra di Fronte
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Guardians of the Galaxy Continue reading “Tanner’s Revised Top 25 Favorite Movie of All Time”

Tanner Reviews United Passions

United_PassionsSo for those who are not familiar with my life, I work as a high school and college soccer/football (whatever you like to call it) referee. I have done it for years, it is good money, I love the job, and it is a good way to keep in shape. I have been a fan of football/soccer for just as long. I love the European Leagues as well as MLS, where my favorite club, DC United plays. It is a fun sport and I thoroughly enjoy watching it and officiating it. As most of you probably know, the international ruling party of football/soccer is called FIFA or Federation Internationale de Football Association (forgive the lack of accent marks). Most of you will also know that FIFA is probably the most corrupt institution on this entire earth. The organization is filled with shysters, con men, and despicably corrupt white-collar criminals from around the world. What is even worse, it is one of the few organizations that openly flaunts how corrupt it is by constantly selling their bids to the highest bidder. Just recently, the United States and Switzerland opened a case that brought many of these guys on corruption charges and hopefully clean out the organization of all the despicable lowlifes which includes the King of Corruption and all things Bullshit, Sepp Blatter who will hopefully resign or get booted from office as soon as they arrest his withered and wrinkly ass.

But what does all of this have to do with today’s subject? Well I’m glad you asked. You see, these corrupt officials have a lot of money they can throw around and they are some egotistical little shits so they decided to funnel approximately $31 Million dollars into making a movie about the creation of FIFA, through their own warped sense of self-indulgence. So today we are going to look at the by-product of what happens when corrupt, white-collar criminals have the money and the means to indulge in their depraved fantasies, United Passions.

This movie has already gotten off to a historical start. Panned by critics upon its release, the film has grossed a grand total of $918 in the United States and just over $178,000 worldwide, making it one of the most colossal failures in the history of cinema. But the question remains, sure the movie is a bomb, BUT is the movie actually okay? Many movies bomb, but in time find their audience… Could this movie be the same? OF COURSE NOT! THIS MOVIE IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL SHIT! Oh my god, is it bad! I have never seen a group of people more eager to stroke their own egos while simultaneously rewriting history to suit their interests. My word, this is some total bullshit on the highest order and I had the misfortune of finding it on the internet so I could sit through it, just to reaffirm to all of my readers that, YES, this movie is indeed shit! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews United Passions”