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Tanner’s Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time

So the 100th review is finished and I am now over the hump. But before we get back to the normalcy I want to finish this whole event of my website with another list about my past and what made me the man I am today. This time I want to talk about my favorite video games of all time. Needless to say this is a pretty big part in my life and considering that this is a Top 20 list, I do not want to get too much into explanation or this post will become far too long and bloated than I would like. What I will say is this… My choices for my favorite video games might seem a bit odd and a lot will be unexpected but it goes without saying, without these 20 games I would not be the same person! So let’s get started with a few honorable mentions! Continue reading “Tanner’s Top 20 Favorite Video Games of All Time”