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5 WWE Wrestlers Who are Deserving of their Low Spot on the Roster

To those looking for my list of the most hated movies of all time, apologies. I wasn’t entirely pleased with it so I wanted to go back and do some revisions. So I decided to carry on with this one instead.

But on to the topic. I have blasted WWE in the past and will continue to do so in the future for critiques that are justifiably lobbed at the wrestling juggernaut. However, the door does swing both ways. WWE, for its shortcomings and the fact that it can be an easy mark for the internet folk like myself, is still a great company that does put on some stellar entertainment. There are some critiques that the WWE gets, that I find at least, are completely unfounded. In particular, when it comes to certain wrestlers who others cry foul at for being low on the card. While I do understand that WWE does bury some talent for strange reasons, petty reasons, or seemingly no reason at all. There are some that it is justifiable and this list is dedicated to being the Devil’s Advocate in that regard. These are 5 wrestlers that WWE is completely justified in keeping as low to mid card talent. Continue reading “5 WWE Wrestlers Who are Deserving of their Low Spot on the Roster”

Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches

So… I’m drawing a blank today. I’m back in school, 2015 is over, I haven’t had a chance to go see any movies, an apparent blizzard is sweeping through the northeast, bread stock is at an all time high, and I am left with absolutely nothing to review today… Son of a bitch. Well… The Royal Rumble in WWE is this Sunday… And I do enjoy making a list… Let’s rank the best Royal Rumble matches for the pure sake of fucking doing it. Try to keep in mind while I am making this list that I am reviewing the matches, not the events themselves. Continue reading “Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches”

Top 5 Worst Survivor Seasons Ever (as of 2015)

250px-400px-Survivor.borneo.logoWhenever I was a child, I was a big fan of reality game shows. I never liked the reality shows that we see today where we parade human garbage in front of a camera and it some how garners an audience. However, I did enjoy the early reality shows like The Mole, Mystery in Small Town X, The Amazing Race, and today’s subject, Survivor. It was fun to watch normal people compete on a 14 week long competition that tested their wits, skills, and ability to manipulate others. I always found them to be a cool concept and a way to play a gigantic game of chess. I do freely admit that the mere concept of a reality show is to be exploitative of human beings in some way and my enjoyment of the show is something that I am going to have to live with in my life. But at either rate, it was always fun to watch these people compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

I did lose all interest in the shows, however, once they started to ‘recruit’ talent for the show. Instead of accepting auditions from real people and finding people through these methods, they begin to seek out and ask various celebrities, models, wackjobs, and the shit skid marks on the underpants of society to put onto their show. But, over the past couple of days, I put on the old show in order to have some background noise. After making it through each season, I decided to make a couple of lists for my website in an attempt to create a definitive list of the worst and the best Survivor Seasons.

Now, considering that I am a person who stopped watching Survivor for several years, I do not claim to be a fan of the series. However, I do feel that will give me an outsider’s perspective on the seasons that may eliminate some biases that can be created from being a staunch fan of the series. I judge each of these seasons on the contestants, the twists of the show, the shows winner, and how manufactured the show was with recruitment and returning characters. With that being said, we will start with the Top 5 Worst Survivor Seasons of All Time (as of 2015). Continue reading “Top 5 Worst Survivor Seasons Ever (as of 2015)”

NTSOE: The Worst Clans and Bloodlines of Vampire the Masquerade

On this episode of The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth I am joined by Shelby and Chey and we discuss the Worst Clans and Bloodlines of Vampire the Masquerade. Shelby had a few problems with her mic so be prepared for that.

Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions of All Time

wcwcwBefore we go forward, I should preface this list with the fact that I am not going to be covering ALL the belts that were featured in WCW and ECW. As a matter of fact, I will only be looking at the championships as well as a few other choice belts that I feel need to be covered. I also will not be covering the secondary titles in WCW and ECW because I feel that secondary titles are meant to enhance talent to the next stage which is of course the Championship and since both belts are now defunked, the secondary titles prestige and lineage are somewhat moot.

After saying that, I would like to cover the championship belt from WCW that was every bit as prestigious and important as the WCW Championship was back in the day. No joke when I was watching wrestling as a kid, I typically saw the person holding the Cruiserweight championship as the true champion of WCW instead of the slow plodding old guys that dominated the World title scene. I would take 1 Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho over 10000 geriatric Hulk Hogans and slow and awkward Kevin Nashs. The Cruiserweight division was just more fun and it had athletes who were small, quick, and excellent wrestlers. I am very much happy that it is people who found their home in this division that are now seen as the true World Champions instead of slow fat guys smacking each other. So of course when I talk about former WCW Championships, this one is easily the first that comes to mind. So here is the Top 5 Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions.

Keep in mind as always that this is my personal opinion based on the title reign’s impact on the championship and the wrestler. If you have a different opinion please add a comment and we will debate. With that said, we start with the worst. Continue reading “Best and Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions of All Time”

The Best and Worst Video Games of 2014

You know, at first I was not going to make a best and worst video games list of 2014. As I stated earlier in the year, the concept of buying/renting video games had become an expensive adventure and I wanted to focus more on movies instead of video games for my site. But then I realized as I was looking over all my reviews of 2014 that I did in fact have a good enough portion of video games that I reviewed to make a decent list out of them and said, oh hell why not?

Looking back at 2014 when it comes to video games is like going to a strip club on a Tuesday. Ugliness and desperation as far as the eye can see, all of which are hoping you too are desperate enough to give them money for what is by all accounts sub par entertainment. The vast majority of video games released by the big dogs have not necessarily been bad as they have been ‘mediocre’ and ‘safe’. Which is depressing when you realize that the industry needs a swift kick in the balls that none of the games are willing to do. But there have been a couple of gems to come out and today we are going to highlight the ones that rule the shit house roost and the few that were able to crawl out of the cesspool of filth that is the video game industry of 2014. Continue reading “The Best and Worst Video Games of 2014”

Top 5 Redeemable Horror Films from the 2000’s

I have said it before and I will say it again. Ever since the concept of moving pictures has been created movies and movie genres have seen there fair share of ups and downs. Some decades are filled with timeless classics and redefined the industry, look to the ‘New Hollywood’ movement for proof of that. But out of the countless movies I have seen I have yet to see an entire genre of movies suffer like horror movies did from the years of 2000-2009.

It was during this time that horror movies had become something of a joke. The 1980’s saw the rise of the slasher flick that redefined the way horror movies were made, soon following that was the cynicism of the 1990’s and movies like Scream were released to poke fun at the genre itself. It was then in the 2000’s when the cynicism turned into a resounding ‘who gives a fuck’ that horror movies started to become horrifically formulaic and predictable to the point that if you saw one you saw them all. Granted, their was also Scary Movie to help push this shit train along, but even the horror movies themselves seemed to be up their own ass in ‘who cares? They’ll watch this shit’ mode. Continue reading “Top 5 Redeemable Horror Films from the 2000’s”

Top 5 Cannon Films

250px-Cannon_FilmsAnyone who grew up in the 80’s or lived in the video rental store during the early 90’s knows who Cannon is. The Film group operated by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus is responsible for some of the cheesiest and most fun-loving movies to come out of the 1980’s era. Their philosophy of B Movies on A Movie Budgets is famous and while most movies were not well received critically, the vast majority of them has been reappraised as corner stones of the 1980’s film scene and even created the careers of stars like Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme and gave actors like Sylvester Stallone more creative control over their movies while other studios wouldn’t give them the time of day. While the group went under near the 1990’s after the debacle that was Masters of the Universe, the company still leaves a mark on the film industry that is still felt to this day, in particular in the B Movie scene as well as action films. So I thought what better way to commemorate the company that brought us so much 80’s cheese then to do a list of the Top 5 Films Produced By Cannon.

Keep in mind, this is my own personal list I based off of the quality of movie, the impact the movie had on the general public, the notoriety the film had (whether good or bad) for the company, and finally how well it represents Golan and Globus’ vision of the company. If you disagree or think I missed one, please leave a comment. I do love a good argument. Other than that, let’s get started with the list. Continue reading “Top 5 Cannon Films”

Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors

Just like in the real world, there is always that one job that we are not proud of or will want to keep off of our resumes. It is a sad fact of life, sometimes you need money, sometimes you think it is a good idea that turns into a horrific mistake, and sometimes you just do not care. Even in Hollywood, the best in the business are not free from churning out mind numbing schlock. This may be for any number of reasons like the ones listed above, but make no mistake… Just about everyone had done something they are not proud of and Hollywood’s best directors are no exception to this. So today I want to bring these illustrious directors into the infamous spotlight, by showcasing the Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors! Continue reading “Top 5 Bad Movies… By Otherwise Great Directors”

Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Tanner and Brandon’s Most Hated Video Games

Seeing as how we covered our Top Ten Most Hated Movies of All Time, Brandon and I thought we would have to give our opinion on Video Games as well. So here is our Top 5 list of our Most Hated Video Games of All Time. If you enjoyed this video, then please like and subscribe for more.

Continue reading “Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth: Tanner and Brandon’s Most Hated Video Games”