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Survivor Seasons Ranked from Worst to Best

So guess what?! I got on another Survivor kick! (might have noticed from the last post) This time around, thanks to the powers of Hulu and Amazon Prime, I have been able to watch every damn episode of Survivor. So, after all these years, I have FINALLY caught up on every season. Now that I am done, I think it is time once again to create the definitive list, in my own mind, of the Survivor seasons ranked from worst to best!

There are several lists out there ranking each of the seasons. Some are done by entertainment websites, some were created by Jeff Probst himself, and one of the definitive qualities about each… Is that it is damn near impossible to truly nail down a definitive criteria for how to judge these things. There tends to be some commonalities. However, all considered I have seen lists that see one game ranked one and on another it is ranked 31st. So it truly is all over the place. In order to make sure my list had clear goals, I listed the criteria below as a means of displaying how this ranking came to be!

How Intriguing was the Cast: 
This doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to be likable. However, the cast has to inspire intrigue and keep an audience captivated. This can both be through heroes and villains, but as long as they are interesting to watch, they got some points.

Was the Winner Satisfying: Bottom line… This is a game show competition. The winner is a major part of that. If they have a satisfying winner, they got some points. If the winner was unsatisfying, the season was docked.

How Much Strategy Came into Play: Over the years, the driving force behind the show has been strategy. As long as their is some good strategy at play it got points. If a “Pagonging” happened… Well not so much.

How Memorable were the Moments, Twists, and Themes: Every season generates moments. That is the purpose of the show and how it is edited. However, these moments need to still be interesting, memorable, and stand well to the test of time. The Purple Rock in Marquesas is at least intriguing. The alleged sexual harassment of Thailand… Not so much.

Gut Reaction: As much as I hate to admit it… This list cannot be 100% objective. My own preferences will creep in. So best for me to just admit it now.


I decided to go ahead and update this list as David vs. Goliath ended so the number might be funky. But at least the list will be up to date. Continue reading “Survivor Seasons Ranked from Worst to Best”

From the Vaults: Digimon

downloadWhenever I was a kid, I absolutely loved Pokemon and Digimon. I was not one of the people who found themselves in one of the two camps and then challenged the elitism of the other side on which one was better. They were both equally fun in my childhood mind and I loved watching them on TV and pretending to be the characters as a child. When it came to staying value however, Pokemon is easily the winner. While Digimon slipped from my mind, Pokemon has remain a constant force of entertainment for me.

But after seeing Digimon on Netflix and the subsequent nostalgia boner soon followed, I decided to give it another watch… And boy was I disappointed. I don’t know if years of abscense or the fact that I am older and have more brain cells at my disposal has made me see the series for what it is, but man I was expecting a much better experience than what I got.

Digimon is the story of creatures that live in the Digital World. One day, a group of kids are teleported into this strange new world and are given special devices as well as their very own Digimon as their companion. Together, these kids and their Digimon, dubbed the DigiDestined) have to take on evil forces that threaten the safety of the digital world and real world. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Digimon”

Anime Week: Tanner Reviews B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time

230px-BGHKei-1Oh Anime… It is quite an interesting genre isn’t it? I have always had a deep appreciation for the unique artistic style and story telling that goes into Anime. It truly sets itself apart as a category all on its own, separating itself from other western animations. You know when you are watching an Anime, you can see it in the style, in the artwork, in the way it is written, and seeing the culture within it. Anime is a really fun genre… And also one I’m not as immersed in as its western counterparts. I do enjoy Anime and I watch it on a frequent basis, whenever a series catches my eye. But it is not something that I generally seek out to watch. I look at Anime the same way I look at other television shows. Does this seem interesting and worth the copious amounts of time that I will surely spend pouring into it as I binge watch the series and through crusty, red eyes look out my window to realize that four days have passed and I’ve been sitting there watching a television show and drinking coffee? If the answer to that question is yes… So now you as the reader know just how I feel about Anime, I enjoy it… But I am by no means an Otaku like my friend Brandon “The Ultra Otaku” Lias (visit his site here) and generally look at Anime through a westerner’s perspective. But I do not think that should stop me from enjoying some Anime and so this week I am dedicating it to watching nothing but Anime for my site and I thought what better way to start Anime week then to watch some random Anime on Netflix, in this case the random Anime being B Gata H Kei or by its western name Yamada’s First Time. It is an adorable story about a young woman’s desire to bone 100 guys, the only problem… She hasn’t even kissed a boy before. When she runs into some geeky kid in a book story hilarity ensues! Continue reading “Anime Week: Tanner Reviews B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time”

Marriage Month: Bridezillas

Bridezillas_logoWe close out this month of Marital Bliss with not a movie about marriage, but a whole show about marriage. Seeing as how I spent the last two weeks talking about weddings as well as Godzilla, it seems only fitting that I combine the two together to close all of this off and if just so happens that out of all of those wedding movies and Godzilla movies, this was the worst thing that I had this misfortune of sitting through. WE tv’s original series Bridezillas may very well be one of the worst television shows that I have ever had force myself through. Now do not get me wrong before we get any further into this review, I am not one of the people who will shit on a television show simply for being a reality show. I am not a fan of the genre, nor will I ever be. But when I was younger I did enjoy shows like The Mole and Survivor just as much as any other person. Since then they have lost their appeal to me, but I will not knock a reality show for simply being a reality show. But even with that being said, this show is a steaming pile of horrific dog shit.

The premise behind this reality show is rather simple. It follows the story of several women before their wedding day, the demands that they make on the people working on the wedding as well as their friends, and gives a good argument why birth control should be a common practice for everyone. Continue reading “Marriage Month: Bridezillas”

Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time

After doing my review of Pokemon X and Y, it came to my attention that I really haven’t talked a lot about Pokemon, which is odd since it was a major part of my childhood and usually I’m one to get all nostalgic at the drop of a hat. I thought I would rectify this by making a list. What better than a list right? After all if there is anything that you could make a list out of, it is Pokemon. There are all the different regions, the different characters, the different villains… And OH YES! The different Pokemon! After all, as of Generation 6 there are now 718 of the things running around! It is perfect! So with that being said, I decided I would drop all pretense and finally attempt to answer the question that has plagued Pokefan’s minds… Which Pokemon really is the greatest of all time? So with that I give you, the Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time! Continue reading “Top 25 Greatest Pokemon of All Time”