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Crit or Miss Special: The Trial by Fire Storyteller

From the Vaults: Transformers Animated

Transformers_Animated_AutobotsSo, as you all are sure aware, I am a huge fan of Transformers. The G1 series is intricate to my childhood and I still am nostalgic for it to this day.  While I do love it, I do admit that just about everything that was released of Transformers after the fact… Kind of sucks. Beast Wars was solid until it went back to Cybertron. But beyond the the best I can come up with is Transformers: Prime which is… Okay… Just okay. And don’t even get me started on the fucking Michael Bay movies… Well… Almost everything. There is one other show that I do love from the Transformers line that came up after the fact and that show is Transformers: Animated.

Yet strangely enough this is a series that is not looked upon fondly for some reason. Often considered to be too “kid friendly” and a little silly, Transformers: Animated doesn’t typically get brought up when you talk about the greatness of Transformers… Which is a shame considering the show is fucking solid! So today we are going to open up the vault to make a case for Transformers: Animated being an underrated gem. Continue reading “From the Vaults: Transformers Animated”

Tanner Reviews Darknet

Darknet_TV_logo_2014I do enjoy horror movies. I’m not some pretentious twat wagon that sticks his nose in the air at the mere mention of a slasher flick or a murder spree adventure. Hell, I love the Friday the 13th franchise and I am one of the critics that will constantly praise Saw as being one of the best horror franchises of the past couple of decades. I do enjoy them… But man, of all the genres out there, horror is the one that is filled with the most mind numbing crap. Oh! Speaking of mind numbing crap, let’s talk about Darknet!

I was expecting a lot more out of this series going into it. I saw it on Netflix while browsing through the lists one day and thought: ‘Hmmm…. I do enjoy a good anthology series AND people are comparing it to American Horror Story and V/H/S so I’ll give it a go.’ After watching it, it is nowhere near the same level as American Horror Story and V/H/S. It isn’t even in the same room as American Horror Story and V/H/S. Darknet is the lowly fry cook dumping the used grease into a back alley while American Horror Story and V/H/S enjoy a lovely dinner with sensible good movies and television series. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Darknet”

Tanner Reviews The Cleveland Show

220px-TheClevelandShowPromoWhen you look up the term cash in in the dictionary, this will be one of the first pictures that you will see. Now I’m not saying that I dislike everything Seth MacFarlane does, far from it. I do enjoy Family Guy every now and again and some of his other stuff has been decent. I can certainly muster up more dislike for other people in Hollywood then for Seth MacFarlane. But man, when you talk about a guy who is milking every last drop out of the animation cash cow that is Family Guy a lot of that stuff is damn near unwatchable. American Dad I can barely stand but I can see the appeal while today’s subject, The Cleveland Show stands a testament to poor comedy and lazy concepts. The direct spin off of Family Guy has left us with very little but an anthropomorphic bear and a handful of slightly tasteless racist humor.

A spin off of the popular television show Family Guy, The Cleveland Show is the story of Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) one of Peter Griffin’s friends who moves from Quahog Rhode Island to Stoolbend Virginia after marrying his new wife Donna (Sanaa Lathan). With his overweight but lovable son Cleveland Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Donna’s two children Roberta and Rallo (Reagan Gomez-Preston/Henry) the story follows the family through day to day life in Stoolbend and the problems of lower middle class life with a healthy or unhealthy mix of off color comedy. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews The Cleveland Show”

Top 5 Reasons Why It Was Great to be a Child in the 90’s

download (1)Well… My camera has finally died. It has been a long time coming and I have been seeing the writing on the wall for a while. But I was hoping it would hold out until I could afford a new one… But I suppose not. For the time being it looks like I am going to have to be a web cam hero until I can get the money to replace it. But either way, the footage I got for the Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth is pretty much unusable. So… I got to come up with something for the Thursday slot quick. So why not make a list? They are pretty easy to get finished and they are entertaining. Also, it gives me another chance to get nostalgic. So let’s talk about the 90’s. The 90’s was the time that I got to be a kid. Being born in 1989, I pretty much got to experience the full force of what it means to be a ’90’s kid.’ I will admit I had an awesome childhood, so I might be biased. But in retrospect, I honestly believe that the 1990’s was one of the best times to be a child. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why It Was Great to be a Child in the 90’s”

Tanner Reviews Bob’s Burgers

200px-Bob's_Burgers_promoWhenever it was first released, I had no interest in watching Bob’s Burgers. This show came out during the height of the Middle Class America Adult Cartoon craze that Family Guy (and by further extension The Simpsons) started. I watched shows like this at best for background music when there was nothing else on and that was the extent of it. When shows like American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob’s Burgers reared their heads… My interest was well below zero. It wasn’t until my roommate turned on Bob’s Burgers earlier this week that I ever got a taste of the show and after sitting through the majority of the episodes… I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised… But not necessarily blown away. Bob’s Burgers as I predicted, has several similarities to shows like Family Guy. A middle class family with several kids each with their own quirks and goofiness trying to get by day-to-day and we get to sit and watch all their crazy wacky antics… But still I cannot deny that this show does have an identity to it that is all its own, a uniqueness that separates itself from Fox Network’s cavalcade of cartoon shows. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Bob’s Burgers”

Top 5 Most Underutilized Characters in the Walking Dead Comics

After spending my whole day packing for my trip to Columbus, getting my car inspected, and getting my finances straightened I sadly was too busy to pencil in a movie to watch and review for today. So I’m sitting here thinking what would be a good way to send myself off on my vacation for the week? Well how about a list, everybody loves lists and better yet let’s talk about The Walking Dead since I haven’t had a chance to talk about that for a little while. But not the TV Series… Let’s talk about something that is more near and dear to my heart, the comic books. Continue reading “Top 5 Most Underutilized Characters in the Walking Dead Comics”

Tanner Reviews Avatar: The Last Airbender

imagesSSSSHHHHH…. It is okay. Do not think about M. Night Shyamalan. You are in a safe place, a better place. A place where we can discuss one of the best animated series to come out of the Nickelodeon line up, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yes this fantastic series has received quite a stain on it as of late thanks to Mr. Shyamalan’s admirable yet abysmal attempt to create a child friendly film with his children in mind. Since then fans of the series have been beside themselves wondering what to do with it. Some have adamantly denied its existence while others have felt compelled to scale the rooftops pronouncing ‘The Show is SO MUCH BETTER!’ Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Avatar: The Last Airbender”

Tanner Reviews Harper’s Island

CBS_HARPERS_UPFRONT_CLIP01_120x90I am a fan of mysteries. If you ever see my review of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express you will know that every now and again I enjoy playing along with mystery novels and stories and trying to deduce who the was the killer. Which is why when I saw ads for a new television shows many years ago called Harper’s Island claiming to be a murder mystery television show I was excited. So back when it came out in April of 2009 I sat in anticipation of the new TV show… And immediately felt the dejecting sting of disappointment as the first episode came to an expected and lack luster end. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Harper’s Island”