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Tanner Reviews Vertical Limit

220px-Vertical_LimitFor anyone who follows my site will know that a while back I reviewed a personal favorite movie of mine called Into Thin Air: Death on Everest which was a television dramatization of the events that occured in the Everest Disaster of 1996 that ended in the tragic death of five climbers. While I do admit that the movie is flawed and on a technical stand point, nothing to write home to mom about. I do love watching the movie and watch it from time to time on Netflix. This is key because this spurned me to watch the movie that we are talking about today in the year 2000 called Vertical Limit. A movie about a group of climbers that become stranded on K2 after an avalanche. In my young mind, knowing that I loved Into Thin Air spurned me to see this mountain climbing adventure and as a kid I proudly proclaimed ‘eh’. It was okay but even in my warped love everything mind, I still wasn’t impressed by it and after watching it again as an adult, I realize just how bad this stinker of a movie actually is. Directed by James Bond director Martin Campbell, this film was meant to be a non stop action mountain climbing adventure. But instead it flopped onto the screen and then immediately flopped out of the minds of the people willing to watch it. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Vertical Limit”