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Tanner Reviews Thomas Was Alone

Thomas_was_alone_coverWe find ourselves again in the strange realm that is the Artistic Video Game genre. I have delved into it a time or two with other video games. Games such as Journey, Rain, The Stanley Parable, and Mountain have all found their homes in this genre. All of which strangely only have one title. Maybe it is an air of intrigue or just pretentiousness, I’m not entirely sure. But today we are looking at a very bizarre game driven by a strong narrative and focused on nothing more than mere shapes as our protagonists, Thomas Was Alone. To say that Thomas Was Alone was an interesting play would be an understatement. To say that it was not enjoyable would be a lie. This game is certainly unique in its style of storytelling that it is something to truly behold. It is a deep and thought provoking story told through what is by all accounts a simple platform/puzzle game. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Thomas Was Alone”