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Vlog: Addressing Critique: The Importance of Artwork and Dice Cohesion in RPG Design

Top 5 Best Clans/Bloodlines from Vampire the Masquerade

Crit or Miss: Spirit of 77

On the latest episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner picks back up the books to look at one of the most hard rocking games in existence from MonkeyFun Studios… Spirit of 77!

Crit or Miss: Beast the Primordial

On the latest episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner tackles one of the newest games released in the Chronicles of Darkness line, Beast the Primordial. Will I get a crit or will the Nat-1’s just keep piling up? I guess you will just have to watch the video to find out.

Tanner Tells of Humans vs. Zombies

With Humans vs. Zombies only a few days away here in Athens, I thought it would be a good idea to upload an old video of mine telling a story of a mishap that happened in one of the games in the past. Also if you are in the Athens Ohio area, come join us for HvZ: Athens Fall Game 10/15 – 10/22! Continue reading “Tanner Tells of Humans vs. Zombies”