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Cheesy Romance Month: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

download (1)Okay… I want to stress that watching this movie was a fucking chore for me. Not so much for the movie itself. But because, due to my busy schedule, I was unable to get to the movies before it went out of theaters so in order for me to watch the damn thing, I had to watch a bootlegged Spanish version of the movie and then find a transcript of the movie on the internet. The lengths that I went to get this fucking thing are absolutely mind boggling. The fact that this movie did very little for me didn’t help either. I will stress that this may be because I had to watch a bootlegged spanish version on the internet has something to do with it. But ultimately, even if this was in pristine HD English, I feel I would have still walked away with a similar experience.

You see… I’m just not a big fan of Seth Grahame Smith, his writing, or his stories. I find both Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter to be little more than eye catching stories that are fun merely through novelty. While I do admit that I have not read the book, I did watch Dark Shadows and the movie version of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and what I got from both of those is that the script was utter garbage. Luckily, the producers behind this movie realized this and got Burr Steers (who I swear to god is probably a male stripper from Reno) to handle the screen writing. Ultimately, I was happy to see that P&P&Z was more than just garter belt wearing women slaughtering zombies. But what I got was still a slightly satisfying watch. Continue reading “Cheesy Romance Month: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”

Tanner Reviews Disaster L.A.

Disaster L.A. Movie PosterFirst and foremost I would like to say thank you to Curtis who gave me the two movies. The first one being Horrible Bosses which I will get to down the line and the second being the movie that we are looking at today, Disaster L.A. This 2014 zombie movie has gone completely over my head, as I don’t even remember the thing being released. Hell I couldn’t believe that the Warner Bros. Logo was plastered on the DVD itself. This movie is so strangely obscure that it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. In fact I had to do some extensive digging, even past that of IMDB which it is gratefully on to get enough information going into this film. This movie is apparently the third movie of writer, director, producer, editor, and Mary Sue base Turner Clay. He is a young and up and coming filmmaker who has come up with this movie as well as two others in the B Movie world which includes Interception and State of Emergency. While I haven’t seen the rest of Turner Clay’s films what I can gather from watching Disaster L.A. is that this is the by-product of giving a sixteen year old enough of a budget to make a movie and put it out on DVD and the result is something that I would not with upon my worst enemies. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Disaster L.A.”

Tanner Reviews Land of the Dead

downloadI have not talked about zombie movies in a while so now feels like as good a time as any in this critics humble opinion. I can’t believe this one has alluded me for so long. Land of the Dead, the movie that revitalized director George A. Romero’s Dead Series has been one of those underrated movies that just seems to disappear. It was heralded as good whenever it first came out but seemed to disappear just as soon as it showed up on screen. Which is a shame as Land of the Dead is one hell of an underrated movie when you look at the zombie genre as a whole. After the remake of Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead was Romero’s return to the filmmaking world and it was a return to high fashion. So today we are going to showcase it. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Land of the Dead”