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Tanner Reviews Dying Light

Dying_Light_coverIf you were to look up the word generic in the dictionary you would find a picture of Dying Light right next to it with a big old Techland developing logo plastered on top of it. That should pretty much sum up my feelings for this little Triple A game that was just put out to the market. I do not hate it, I will make that very clear right now. This review is going to come across as very harsh, I can’t help it. But I do want to state before people jump on me that I do not hate Dying Light. I can even see some merit in the game. But overall, Dying Light is forcing me choose between it and Fuse on which one is more generic and trust me that is saying something. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dying Light”

Tanner Reviews Unturned

600px-Unturned_Steam_TrailerI never understood the allure of early access games. I guess I can understand the feeling from a person’s perspective. It used to be only a handful of select and reclusive people got to play the beta version of a video game before it was released onto the market, making that person some sort of strange enigma in the gaming community. But now thanks to the speed of technology and the birth of early access, beta versions of games are being handed out to just about anyone who wants them. Some people are even paying to play these unfinished versions of games. So as a developer, why should you create a completed game when you can make money by selling the ‘unfinished beta’ to the clamoring masses? I suppose I can see it from the perspective that developers can get real fan feedback to improve the gaming experience, but I can see this whole plan going down the tubes and really fast for that matter. The day that I see a ‘beta’ version of a game that is being sold for full price is the day I will probably just give up on video games all together and curl into a ball and cry while clutching my old Super Nintendo. That being said, a friend of mine turned me onto a free to play early access zombie survival game on Steam; you know since those are so rare, called Unturned. A simplistic Minecraft-esque (More like Minecraft only with less crafting) game in which you as a survivor in this world is dropped into the middle of nowhere where you have to collect weapons, food, water, and so forth to keep yourself alive from the ever encroaching zombie hordes, simple as that. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Unturned”

Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 3

256px-Dead_Rising_3_Cover_ArtReally?… Really?! This is the best that you got? The next generation of consoles comes out, you are in a recession riddled market, and the next wave is released. The XBone (Intentional) has already failed on a massive level before it even hit shelves and the PS4 while doing better is not in good shape… You have a chance to hit the ground running and shell out some amazing games to get the ball rolling and get people interested in console gaming again… And you fucked it up! Playstation 4 and Xbox One have dug their own graves, climbed in their coffins, and are just waiting to be buried at this point. When you release a new console, you need flagship games! You need to get people interested in your product, to buy it! You need to give them incentive! Instead you release a couple of mediocre, bullshit titles, and just wait for people to be gullible enough to buy your product. Sony and Microsoft you are FAILURES ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 3”

Tanner Reviews Dead Snow

220px-DodsnoOh my… When I made my Zombieland review and I said that I did not like Dead Snow, the fans of that movie were quick to try to convince me otherwise… So let’s go ahead and officially tear it a new one! Yeah I am not even going to try to be tactful here. I do not like this movie at all. I did not like it when I saw it. Plus seeing it more times and hearing what people have to say has not deterred my opinion in the slightest. It has even gotten to the point that whenever I think of bad zombie movies, this is one of the first thing that pops into my mind. It irritates me that much! Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dead Snow”

Tanner Reviews Zombieland

Zombieland-posterSo who all remembers a few years back when Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and Jess Eisenberg ruled the fucking world? Back between the years of 2008-2010 you could not walk into a movie theater without seeing their cute, hipstery, quirky, adorableness plastered over billboards. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Youth in Revolt, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Juno, Easy A, Friends with Benefits, Adventureland, and The Social Network just to name a few! Their popularity has kind of peeked over the past few years and they are settling into new roles and films but for the longest time these three almost felt like the 21st centuries version of the Brat Pack and were almost unstoppable with the amount of success that they were achieving with their movies. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Zombieland”

Tanner Reviews World War Z

World_War_Z_posterHoly crap this movie was great! Okay maybe it wasn’t the greatest thing in the world but whenever you go into a movie like this feeling in the pits of your heart that you are about to watch something near and dear to you get destroyed by someone who has no idea what they are doing… And then get surprised to learn that is is actually everything that you would hope for it to  be and more is truly one of the best feelings you could ever have after going to the theater. There were so many people (myself included) who were dreading the day that this came out. Brad Pitt staring in the film adaptation of Max Brook’s book by the same name? My word this can only end in absolute failure… Then we all had to collectively shove our respective feet into our mouths because this film was fantastic. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews World War Z”

Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 2

256px-Dead_Rising_2_coverWhile I am well within my Resident Evil Retrospective I cannot help but think of not only the nostalgia of the games that were intricate in creating who I am today and how I view video games but also the stories that seemed to supersede RE as the years have gone on. While The Walking Dead over took my opinion on the greatest zombie story ever told, even in the realm of video games I find the spot of best zombie video game has over taken the survival horror series. While there are multiple games that have stepped ahead of Resident Evil in my eyes as the best zombie themed video game, I feel compelled to talk about the first of the games that changed my opinion. Dead Rising 2 may not be the greatest zombie survival game out there it was the first to make me reevaluate my stance on the game that held my undying affection for the better part of a decade. Continue reading “Tanner Reviews Dead Rising 2”

Top 3 Reasons Why Humans Love Zombie Stories

Oh dear sweet science it is a bunch of nerds covered in make up and corn syrup!
Oh dear sweet science it is a bunch of nerds covered in make up and corn syrup! Run!

I love zombies. I love the genre, I love the plot, I love everything about them. I have been this way ever since I was a little kid and watched my Uncle play the original Resident Evil with my cousin Brett. I was entranced from the start and while my tastes might have changed, my love for zombie stories has not once subsided over my 23+ years of life on this planet. I can even go further back and mention that I loved to play the Arcade Games Area 51 and Carnevil with Brett when we were kids. Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons Why Humans Love Zombie Stories”